Pennsic 2003 Diary: Friday, August 8

434.81 +
4.00: fruit cobbler
6.00: supper
2.00: lemonade
140.12: shopping
= 586.93

Here’s what I bought shopping. Prices blow are approximate. Price above is the actual total.

  • shell purses ($5)
  • brass dice ($5 for 2)
  • horn dice ($3 for 2)
  • pewter dice ($4 for 2)
  • leather pouch ($5)
  • wood boxes ($8)
  • mother of pearl leaf buttons ($5 for 2)
  • small silky pouches ($2 for 2)
  • see / hear / speak no evil dragon statue ($5)
  • bone boxes, small ($ 4 for 2)
  • horn needles ($4 for 2)
  • period patterns ($20 each)
  • broach ($5)
  • flavored honey ($8 for 3)
  • medieval sewing kit ($8)
  • The New Book of the Courtier I and II
  • Going Primitive
  • New Member Times ($15 for last 3 together)
  • waterbearer leech ($2)

Late Afternoon

I did many things today. First, I attended the “Developing an Early Period Persona” class with Mistress Brid. It was wonderful. She’s a fantastic woman and has so many cool things. She’s really inspired me to delve deeper into my persona. The only problem I’ve discovered is that there seems to be a gap in knowledge right around my time period of interest. Perhaps I can become a new expert. *grin*

Then I went shopping. I bought many things. Most were small but nifty. I got to show them to people around camp.

Then I went to herald’s point and began the submission process on my arms and name.

Now I’m heading off with people and might party tonight. Later!

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