Pennsic 2003 Diary: Saturday, August 9

586.93 +
1.00: catalogue
4.00: lunch
10.00: t-shirt
4.00: peach cobbler
1.00: musician
80.00: food plan
20.00: heraldry submission
2.00: musician
15.00: CD
= 723.93


Last night, it rained, but despite that I had a wonderful time. I had a long conversation with Patrick and D and a few assorted others. On the way back, we passed by an impromptu flute concert.

I woke up this morning to the resurgence of lake Zeebera (our encampment is called Zeebera). We bailed 200 gallons of water (again). Then, I took a much-needed shower. It was cold, but I’m slowly getting used to that.

Now, I’m watching D fence, and I will probably go window-shopping later.

1 PM, waiting for class to start

I don’t know why I feel guilty every time I walk into camp. I feel as though I should be doing something, anything, like the others are. I’m generally a helpful person, and I feel useless in camp. Useless and naive. Maybe now that there are more people, and the meal plan is starting, things will get better. I have a sneaking suspicion that if I camp at Pennsic again, it will be either with a different group or only for the second week. The worst part is, I haven’t spoken to K or M about it. I’ve spoken to D, Castagear, and Patrick, but not the people who count. Sigh.

Other than that, I’m having a wonderful time. Lots of shopping; lots of cool people to meet who also like me, and so on.

Late Night

So many things to say… where to start?

First, our camp blossomed today. Suddenly, we have three times as many tents and people. We luckily did not have to put up the big tent today since Master H brought it after dark. It’s a project for tomorrow.

Next, I spoke to Mom today. It was nice to hear a familiar voice again. She assured me I didn’t need to call her again before I come home.

No shopping today, but I did submit my name and device to the heralds.

Finally, two great shows tonight! The first was a really funny bard, Efenwealt. I must email him when I get home for a copy of the “Beowulf” (not the one you know). Second, a great bagpipe / drum band called Wolgemut. I got one of their CDs. It’s nice to walk around and know I can buy something if I want to.

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