Pennsic 2004 Diary

Pennsic 33: A newbie bard goes to Pennsic

Those of you who haven’t already may want to check out my Pennsic diary from 2003, which was my first Pennsic. This diary is of my second Pennsic, PW33 in 2004. I returned to Pennsic a little wiser, a little more confident, and with a definite focus: bardic arts.

This year’s Pennsic is subtitled “A novice bard goes to Pennsic.” That is because, over the course of the year between Pennsic 32 and Pennsic 33, I found my niche. I love bardic. I learned some songs, wrote some songs and stories, and was excitedly waiting to meet other people who have the same passion I do.

That doesn’t mean bardic is the only thing you’ll find in this diary! Far from it! There’s shopping, partying, classes… lots of stuff. It’s just that, unlike Pennsic 2003 where I was an absolute newbie to Pennsic, in 2004 I have a focus. The other thing you may find as you read this is that I occasionally write as though I intend to be read. This is because I knew I would be putting this diary online… eventually. Voila!

As with last year, I have listed how much money I spent. Again it is far more than necessary, because I brought a lot of spending money. It is definitely possible to go to Pennsic with much less money than I spent. Check the tips on this website to get some ideas.

Monday, August 9

3.00 (CAN): toll
6.19 (CAN): lunch
22.25: gas
6.40: toll
67.76: hotel
3.12: ice cream
10.00: supper
= 9.19 (CAN) + 109.53 (US)

10 PM

Back in Meadville. Yes, I managed to drive 11 hours today, and I’m in the same town (though not the same hotel) K and I stayed in last year. My foot is achy and I’m having mild breathing problems (I blame that on the renovations at home), but otherwise I’m good. We’re only an hour or two from Pennsic. Yay!

D spent most of the time in the car sewing, frantically trying to finish all his garb. He’s getting there. I, obviously, was driving. I’ve decided that highway driving is really, really boring. I was getting boredom-induced fatigue for much of the drive. But we got here at last, had dinner, and are now back in our room for the night (approx. $70… not bad if D chips in).

D seemed receptive to the idea of sleeping in his own tent and storing food, etc., in mine. I think I really would prefer it. I like having a modicum of privacy.

After having dinner tonight, I now remember the huge portion sizes that are normal in the US. And they wonder why they have an obesity epidemic! Here’s a clue: serve less food!

Just took my inhaler. Breathing much better now.

Plan for tonight:

  • prepare meal plan
  • review schedule and shopping list
  • take bath
  • anticipate being at Pennsic 🙂

Oh. One obnoxious thing. Though the weather today was beautiful, the forecast for tomorrow (and Wednesday) predicts 50% chance of thundershowers. I really don’t want to set up in the rain. At least the rest of the week is supposed to be nice.

Forward to Tuesday, August 10


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