Pennsic 2004 Diary: Wednesday, August 18

1053.46 +
2.00: Pennsic Independent
6.00: lunch
2.00: Italian ice
15.00: CD
3.00: cookie
42.40: sheepskin
6.00: supper
30.00: mask
3.00: dragon’s eye
= 1162.86

Classes today: Latin Mottoes

About 6 pm

I saw a procession of wailing women today carrying their “dead” relation home on a cart. It was very funny, and definitely something you’ll only see at Pennsic.

Other notable things:

  • this morning was a pancake breakfast at Mountain Freehold. Thank you, Chiara!
  • I bought a sheepskin to use on the floor next to my bed. It’s big, incredibly soft, and was only $40. Yay!

Things I still want to do this war if possible:

  • sing for my supper at Bard’s Haven
  • check out the classic swimming hold
  • more classes!

D and I have gotten lax about making breakfasts. We still have food left from our first shopping run, a fact that astonishes me. I attribute this to neither of us really wanted to be in camp, or to do dishes. So we tend to only use the very portable things, and anything requiring even the semblance of work (bread and cheese, for God’s sake) we don’t eat. This is probably bad of us, but I don’t care.

I don’t actually know where D is. I’m at camp, and I thought he said he’d be coming here, but I may have misheard. I’m not very coherent in the mornings.

I thought of a friend at home for the first time all War, except for the “I need to get him a gift” thoughts. I actually wanted him to tell him things and share things with him. This is probably a sign my vacation is almost over — I’m starting to think of home. [cries] I don’t want Pennsic to be almost over! There’s so much I still want to do!

A is back. Just had a conversation with her. She’s looking at the Guide to Bad Garb book. (6:30 now) D still isn’t back at camp.

I just counted and I’ve got about 35 songs I want to learn when I get home. Yay more songs!

Also, I’m up to about $1120-ish so far. Add dinner tonight, and that’s $1130. Add food costs for the next 3 1/2 days, and that’s about $1230-ish. Which means I’ve got something like $50 or $75 left of spending money — enough to get my hair done for the Bardicci party tomorrow. I’ll probably do that then. [note: it rained the next day, so I didn’t actually get my hair done, because it would immediately get messed up]

Court is in an hour and a half. I’ve been in this strange tension for a while, because while I don’t think I’m getting my Troubadour, and I certainly don’t think I deserve it yet, there’s still a very small part of me that’s wishing I would. It’s the same part of me that’s taking almost certainly innocent comments and obsessing over them. I know I always say that, in the end, I’m not in the SCA for awards. I don’t do anything to get an award. I certainly don’t do bardic in the hopes of getting an award…. but it would kind of be nice. Actually, what I really want is recognition. I want people around a campfire to ask me to sing, instead of my imposing myself on them. I guess if I keep doing it long enough, I’ll eventually get recognized. The reactions I’ve gotten to my songs have been good so far, which is nice. I don’t know. I just wish I knew. I will soon, I guess. [note: I didn’t get it. I don’t mind at all. It was a relief, actually.]

12:40 am

One word for this evening: long. Court was very draining. It rained (and is still). I think I’m PMSing. Sigh.

On the other hand:

  1. I bought a mask for the Bardicci party. Yay! I’ll probably use it for LARPing at home.
  2. The sheepskin is really nice. So soft!

I’m tired and going to bed now. ‘Night.

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