Pennsic 2004 Diary: Thursday, August 19

1162.86 +
15.00: lunch (D and I)
0.75: Pennsic Independent
= 1178.61

Classes today:

  • Period Furniture You Can Build in Your Dorm Room
  • Dressing Up Your Poem
  • Golden Seamstress

About 2 pm

I hate rain, and I hate PMS. Obnoxious things that have happened so far today:

  • woke up to discover water in my tent (thankfully, nothing was damaged, but my new sheepskin is wet)
  • my shoes should be renamed “mud puddles”
  • I’m PMSing
  • in about an hour, a storm will be coming with 50 mph winds. I’m not at camp because, really, there’s not much I can do that I haven’t done already.
  • I didn’t have my hood during the downpour. It was at Freya’s. So, now that I have it, my shoulders and torso are already wet.

I don’t know about the Bardicci party. I was so ready to go with my red dress, my hair up, and my brand new mask. But it’s muddy, and I’m feeling “blah”. I don’t really want to do anything, truth be told. I’m listening to the bardic exhibition now. I haven’t decided whether I want to perform yet (yes, this is rare for me). On the upside, it’s dry here, and there are lots of chairs.

I feel really drained. Sigh.

5 pm

Okay, bardic has revitalized me. I performed my “Not at Pennsic Blues” — it went over very well. I am happy. The fact that it has stopped raining (for now) and the storm never came is also good. And I got cookies. Yay! I’m now up to going to the Bardicci party, though I still haven’t decided whether to get my hair done. [note: I didn’t get it done. In the rain, it was too much of a hassle.]

11:35 pm

Despite the early night, I’m really, really tired. My shoes were filled with mud all day. I’ve cleaned them (and my feet) as best I could, but it looks like I’ll have drenched, muddy shoes tomorrow. Then again, it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow, too. I may just curl up and stay in my tent all day.

On the other hand, the small puddles in my tent have continued. My sheepskin is soaked — Murphy’s Law, I suppose. On the upside, my new air mattress is really good. I haven’t needed to refill it in over 5 days. Yay!

I had dinner at Eoforwic (Unnr and Charles camp up to the camp to help me into my red dress). Eventually I went to Bardicci. Despite my more appropriate garb and mask, I didn’t really enjoy myself. My dress was muddy, I had to carry my huge basket, I was tired… I left before 11 pm.

That’s it, really.

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