Pennsic 2004 Diary: Friday, August 20

1178.61 +
5.00: lunch
6.00: cobbler and drink
4.00: dragon’s eye (mark 2)
= 1193.61

Classes today: The Sonnet

12:45 pm

I’m still at camp. It’s been a lazy morning. A made pancakes — yay! Otherwise, I’ve done some preliminary packing, set up a clothes line and hung out the wettest of my clothes (hood, red dress, sheepskin), and that’s about it, really. I don’t really want to go out because my shoes are still muddy and disgusting. I could wear other shoes, I suppose, but I don’t really have anything other than my running shoes, and I want to keep them dry for the drive back. My feet have orange crisscrosses on them from the wet leather stains. It’s kind of pretty, in a strange Pennsic way.

I’ll probably go out tonight. There’s a bardic circle at Aethlemark, I think. Also, I want one of today’s Pennsic Independents. Otherwise, I’m perfectly content to be lazy today. Yes, I’d rather be lazy around downtown Pennsic, and once I’m done writing this I’ll probably try to wash my shoes and head out, but I’m still enjoying being lazy. I hope the weather stays nice tomorrow so my tent is dry when I pack up. Fingers crossed!

I can’t believe I’ve completely finished this book. I’m going to have to start writing on the other sides of the pages. But 200 pages! In less than two weeks! Crazy!

4 pm, back at camp

The weather forecasters say there’s a storm coming, so I’m back at camp. I’ve taken in what I can, and have stuff ready to take in if it starts raining. I’ve got stuff up on the clothesline that will have to come in fast, and there are camp chairs etc. that also will need to come in. So this is where I am for a bit.

Bad news on the auction — apparently I didn’t come by fast enough, so anything I may have won got auctioned off already. Sigh. That’s kind of the day I’ve been having. I scraped my wrist closing up a table, too.

Good things:

  • found a gem to use as a Dragon’s Eye (an award we’re gifting to our incipient barony). It was only $4, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.
  • listened to Michael and Lorelai for probably the last time this War
  • took my last class of the war

Everyone is either leaving or preparing to leave. Many people left yesterday. The weather is supposed to be rainy tonight and tomorrow, but nice on Sunday. I just hope my tent is dry when we take it down — I really don’t want to set up again in Monday. Leave it to Mother Nature to be nice most of War and rain the last three days. Just like last year. Sigh. Maybe it’s me. If it’s nice at War next year and I’m not there, I shall be annoyed.

4:18 pm

It’s raining. I’ve taken in everything I could, with D’s help. My tent is much fuller now. I just hope it doesn’t leak too much. I guess I’ll do some reading or something. I really don’t feel like facing the rain again, especially after (finally) cleaning my shoes and packing my dry, clean tunics under all the dirty ones. Sigh.

11 pm

Still raining. I’ve been at camp since 4 pm. I took a nap, chatted with Alix and Lothaire, graciously accepted their offer of dinner (thank you!). My tent is still leaking. A lot. Some on my bed. Thankfully nothing on my pillow. I hope this stops soon. I’m cold, damp, and really not enjoying myself.

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