Pennsic 2004 Diary: Saturday, August 21

1193.61 +
1.00: Pennsic Independent
7.00 breakfast
5.00: shopping (books from Claus)
3.00: donation
13.00: lunch (D and I)
5.00: supper (D and I)
= 1227.61

1:30 am

Today was a long, long day. D and I had promised Freya we would help her pack up. Well, after a hectic morning where Bob (Freya’s van) wouldn’t start, we finally began packing up somewhere between noon and one o’clock. We didn’t finish until 8:30 pm, even with 4 or 5 of us working continually. I still think Freya is crazy to bring so much (almost) every weekend. I was also annoyed at Freya’s campmates for not being there to pack up the kitchen tent. By the time we saw Freya and Tigger off, D and I were both tired and cranky. The fact that we’d had to come up to camp 4 times today didn’t help. I called mom to check something with her, and then D and I went off to get food – a challenge in itself. We finally bought stuff at the Cooper store.

After an unsatisfying bardic circle at Trimeris Royal (but good corn on the cob) we went up to Morgana’s camp for a final bardic among familiar faces. Lucia gave me a bead – something to add to my ring necklace. Yay! It’s strange to think that last week I’d never heard of Morgana, Michael Alewright (or Michael Kelly), Brion, Mr, or any of the others I now consider friends — Pennsic does that, I guess. It’s part of the magic.

I will miss the stars when I get home. Tonight is beautifully clear — thousands of stars. I will miss them.

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