Pennsic 2004 Diary: Tuesday, August 10

109.53 +
20.00: troll
13.00: lunch (D and I)
80.00: groceries
= 222.53

8:10 AM

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday: CAA / AAA is useful. Got me a better rate at our hotel (Days Inn). Must remember to post that. And now, off to breakfast.

2:50 PM

We’ve got trees! We’re camped so far north (N28, next to the parking lot) that the area is still partially forested, so all our tents are going to be in the shade. How cool is that!

I’m not in garb yet, and we still haven’t done our Walmart run. Despite getting here around 10:30, all we’ve managed to do so far is have lunch, get set up, and see Freya. At least D is sleeping in his own tent, so I’ve got mine to myself, along with storage stuff. Yes, D’s tent is smaller, but I refuse to feel guilty about it. I’m letting him have all the packing cubes and to store stuff in my tent if he needs to. I bought this tent and I intend to enjoy it, even if it’s selfish of me.

The predicted rain hasn’t shown up yet, and for that I am grateful. Thank you, weather gods! It’s bloody hot, though. I’m sweating horribly and already mildly dehydrated and tired. Ah well, at least I’m here!

I’ve already seen two things I want to buy: 1. a banner stand, 2. a wooden mug. Also, I need to repair my shoes and my basket. Beyond that, we’ll see. I’m impressed so many merchants are open this early.

I probably should get into garb soon… after we come back from Walmart. I guess I’ll read through the Pennsic books now.


So obviously I’ve got a lot to write about. I’ll try to get through as much as I can, but if I can’t do everything, you’ll have to content yourself with bullet points.

First off, two tips. The first is that we arrived at a great time to troll in. There was absolutely no one in line. So, you’ve heard it from me: 11 am Tuesday of the first week is a good time to troll in.

Second, apparently all groups need a t-splitter to use the water from the spigots. I hadn’t known this. The camp next to us has been nice enough to allow us to use their sink, and since we really don’t have many dishes, it works out okay. But note all you land agents that you should bring one.

My veil (Saxon style) is taking some getting used to. I have limited visibility and neck mobility, and it seems to keep coming undone. Next step = buy veil pin.

The weather is beautiful. The afternoon was nice and cool, the evening not too cold. Beautiful! And the sky has been glorious — stunning clouds at dusk, stars by night.

Tonight D and I visited Ernst and Roz with Freya. It was really fun. Ernst is so much faster on his feet than I am it leaves me stunning. He’s so funny. He still calls me “Kat” instead of “Kate” or “Katherine”, but no one’s perfect. 🙂

We then visited Zebera, where we camped last year. Only 3 people were there, and it was a short visit. Now we’re back at camp. D is (unsurprisingly) sewing. I’m journaling (could you tell?).

Had a fruity cobbler with D and Freya. I’d been missing those. I’d wanted one for so long. It was everything I remembered. Yum!

I should probably figure out what to do tomorrow. EK royal is asking for volunteers to put up their gate at 9 am. It will probably last all day. I may do that. There are two classes I want to take, but they’re not real priorities. I can miss them without real loss. Other things to do: get new laces for my shoes, find out about fixing my basket, sign up for a shift at Chiurgeon’s point, possibly sign up to cry camp, check out the Bards by Day / NIght books, shop. Whew!

I don’t know what time it is. That’s good. But the flickering tiki light is giving me a headache, so I’ll say goodnight for now!

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