Pennsic 2004 Diary: Wednesday, August 11

222.53 +
6.00: shopping (books — Claus’ Guide to Bad Garb I and II)
20.00: shopping (banner stand)
5.00: laces for shoes
1.00: bard
= 254.53

1 pm, Chiurgeon’s Point

Less than 24 hours in garb and I’m already going my first volunteer shift at Chiurgeon’s point [as a scribe] => hot showers are Good Things. It’s been mostly slow, so now seemed like a good time to journal. I’m here until 4 pm.

I did a bunch of errands this morning — bought a banner stand and two books (Claus’ Guide to Bad Garb). I also bought new laces for my shoes — I’ll get them put in tonight.

1:35 pm

Other things to do tonight when my shift finishes:

  • get laces changed
  • check out crier’s point
  • pick up banner stand
  • talk to lady about inkle loom
  • talk to basket man
  • check out bards by day / night

3:15 pm

Bored. Better than too busy, I suppose. It means people aren’t getting hurt. 45 minutes left until my shift at Chiurgeon’s is over.

Night, about midnight

What a great evening and night! After I finished my shift at Chiurgeon’s Point, I did some errands and shopping (got my laces changed, talked to some people about looms, etc.). Then I stopped by Freya’s booth, where I met Master Henry (of Michigan, formerly of Ruantallan). He’s a wonderful man, and we hit it off famously. I mentioned I liked bardic, so he recommended a bardic circle at the Howling Mouse camp, and invited me to join him. I accompanied him to the Eoforwic (Toronto) encampment, where he has an apprentice. They were very welcoming and accepting, and they fed us dinner (yay!). I mentioned that I would be doing my Master’s at UofT, and everyone told me to speak to Nicolaa.

Oh! Before reaching the encampment, we stumbled across Hector, the famous Ealdormeran bard. I mentioned a loved (and performed) many of his pieces, and he seemed suitably flattered. He, incidentally, pulled away most of the Eoforwic encampment to do some (apparently very well-thought-out) shtick. I did some bardic to whet my appetite, listened to some stories, and off we went.

We were the first to arrive at Howling Mouse and the last to leave. I didn’t count how many pieces I did, but I guess about 10 or 15, enough to run through almost all my bawdy songs. 🙂 Also there was Andrew MacRob, who was a wonderful bard. Suffice to say I had a great time, especially since most of the pieces were ones I didn’t know.

Then Henry walked me back to my camp, even though it was entirely out of his way. Bardic was in the bog (or near it), I’m way up in the north, and he’s in the RV parking beyond the battlefield. Very, very nice of him. I must remember to do something nice for him (and Thorson, who did land grab for us). And now I’m back at camp. D is off somewhere, which is good. I was hoping he wasn’t waiting up for me.

The weather remains beautiful. Not too hot, not too cold. Yay! So much better than last year!

I should probably take a shower tomorrow. My head’s all itchy, which is always a sure sign. I don’t really want to walk all the way down, only to come back up, but I may not have a choice. No classes I really want to take tomorrow, so I’m not on any sort of schedule.

I’m off to bed now. ‘Night!

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