Pennsic 2004 Diary: Thursday, August 12

254.53 +
3.00: sweet potato fries
29.00: shopping (fettered cock — pilgrim badges, veil pins, heather dale CD)
16.00: shopping (pillaged village — straw mats, celtic romance CD)
7.00: lunch
5.95: shopping (lucet cord holder)
2.00: class handout
5.00: supper
= 322.48

Classes today: Your Persona’s Religion: The Lady

Morning, merchant area

It rained early this morning (about 5 am). It is still drizzling, so if this page is spotty, that’s why. At least it’s cool. I ran into Patrick again this morning. He (unsuccessfully, at least for him) flirted, then we went our separate ways. I’m now waiting for merchants to open.

About 2 pm

Did a fair amount of shopping today. Two CDs, veil pins… I found out that the narrow-band box loom I really want is US$175, plus shipping. I have to decide if I want to spend that much money. I guess I’ll decide after I buy my new garb and presents. Post office opens on Monday, so I can’t send postcards until then. Waiting for a class (my first) to start. Later!

Night, about 12:45 am

Where to begin? I took my first class today, which was fun. I had planned on staying for the second half, but the handout was so good I decided just to use that. Afterwards I learnt two new board games — Grand Chess and Astronomical Tables.

Then I went and did more shopping and a fair amount of window-shopping for my peasant garb. From the two stores I’ve been to so far, it looks like a bodice and one or two skirts will cost about $125 plus tax, which is equivalent to or slightly less than Montreal prices, but better quality. I’ll probably do the rest of the window-shopping tomorrow morning.

Other things I’d like to buy:

  • sun catchers for Dad from Anastasia’s
  • Fettered Cock tokens for Thorson
  • gift for Kris and Nancy’s baby
  • more veil pins!

I have to decide whether I want to spend lots of money (about US$200) on a box loom for trim weaving. I wouldn’t get it until October anyway, so I have time to get back to the guy.

I saw Erwilian today. He remembered my name and was happy to see me. He’s getting me into the “hoity toity” party. Yay!

This evening D and I met up with Master Henry and spent the evening with him. I did some bardic, some stories were traded, then and I went off, visited some more camps, and finally he took me home.

I must take a shower tomorrow, if the weather is nice. My hair feels really icky.

I’m not sure if D is back or not. I’m sure he’ll tell me tomorrow.

Anyway. It’s late and I’m going to bed.

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