Pennsic 2004 Diary: Friday, August 13

322.48 +
31.00: shopping (Fettered Cock — veil pins, pilgrim badges for Thorson)
237.40: shopping (Angevin Treasures — CDs)
26.75: shopping (Anastasia’s — gift for Dad)
6.00: lunch
4.00: cobbler
20.00: Michael Kelly’s CD
1.00: bard
= 648.63

Classes today: Vocal projection for bards and heralds

12:45 pm

It’s raining again. It rained a lot this morning, stopped for a while, and now has finally settled into a fine mist. I breakfasted at Freya’s (yay hot food!) and then went into town.

I spent lots of money today. I bought presents for Thorson for doing land grab for us (erotic pilgrim badges from Fettered Cock Pewter), presents for dad (sun catchers from Anastasia’s), and about 13 CDs from Angevin Treasures. My total is up to about $615 since Monday — and I’m not done yet! 🙂 It feels so nice to have money for once.

I’m now waiting for a class to start — vocal projection for bards and heralds. I’ve actually brought down my bardic book, since I’ve wanted it the past two nights and haven’t had it.

I’ve discovered that most of the interesting parties at Pennsic are rarely listed but passed by word of mouth. Solution: talk to lots of people!

Temperature is still nice, despite the rain. I haven’t actually needed to drink too much more water than normal to stay hydrated.

Late afternoon

It was actually a very useful class. I wasn’t expecting that, but it was. I was well pleased.

Afterwards I discovered a busking bard, Michael Kelly, and joined him in singing for about an hour. He was really funny. He says he’ll be around for the rest of War, so I may join him for singing again. I had my second Cobbler of the War — Yum!

I wandered a bit, did some window shopping. Now I’m tired. The walking is fatiguing me a bit. I’m watching over Freya’s merchant tent while she does some shopping. It’s strangely quiet in here right now.

I have to figure out what to do tonight. There’s a bardic competition at Chalkman’s that looks fun, which I may go to. Also, Duke Cariadoc arrived today and might be hosting a bardic circle. So I have options. I’m hoping to run into Henry at some point. I saw his apprentice Unnr before, but she hadn’t seen him.

About 2 am

Before I talk about this evening, a brief “it could only happen at Pennsic” moment: as I was busking with Michael this afternoon, a certain lord walked by me and asked me if I was authorized. I had no idea what he was talking about until he pulled out an authorization form for me to use my eyes as weapons in heavy combat, since they post a clear danger to any man in the vicinity. I thought it was really sweet and touching.

So, tonight I did three main things:

  1. watched Wilhelm and Cristabell get re-apprenticed to Dame Eleanor (they fed us dinner, too!)
  2. watched a bardic competition at Chalkman’s. Some very good acts, some less so. Re-found Michael the busker-bard (who, incidentally, won in one category).
  3. went off with Michael and some other bards to fire-hop. I didn’t actually do much except add my voice to the few songs I knew, but it was fun nonetheless. They were still going strong when D and I left.

Tomorrow is, among other things, both Efenwealt’s and Wolgemut’s concerts. I also want to do some shopping and maybe cry camp. I’m not setting my alarm, though. I don’t mind sleeping in. I have nothing specifically scheduled, and I am, after all, on vacation.

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