Pennsic 2004 Diary: Saturday, August 14

648.63 +
15.00: shopping (Sing for the East song book)
4.24: shopping (woad)
12.00: shopping (T-shirt for a friend back home)
4.50: lunch
115.54: shopping (Likely Lotus — bodice and skirt)
5.00: hemming skirt
2.12: postcards
35.00: shopping (gift for fencing guy)
4.00: cobbler
10.00: supper
5.00: Efenwealt concert
= 861.03

6:30 pm

So far today:

  • more shopping!
  • acted as a groupie for Michael Kelly

12:45 am

Tonight’s activities:

Went to the Efenwealt concert. It was very funny. I’m glad I went.

The Wolgemut concert was canceled because their loud instruments got lost by the airline. It was rescheduled to Monday.

Small good deed #1: D and I informed the Pennsic Independent about the Wolgemut rescheduling. If you saw it in the Independent, you can thank us! 🙂

Small good deed #2: One of the tents in the Enchanted Group was half-collapsed. D and I investigated to make sure everything was all right, along with a randomly chosen passerby who turned out to be Count Pietr of the Middle. No one was hurt. Thank you, karma!

Went to a bardic circle at Club Aed. I performed: 1. Balfar’s Privateers (which was well-received), 2. Song of the Shield Wall, with D (we sung too fast, not as well received), 3. Man with the Long Bow (very well received). I met a long-standing bard named Brion who gave D and I some pointers and invited us to his bardic circle tomorrow.

Other random stuff:

  • I hate getting into a damp bed. Sigh. I also hate being dry until the final walk through the grass to get to camp.
  • Bought a very nice bodice and a skirt today. Got the skirt hemmed. I’ll wear them to the low-brow Bardicci party tomorrow, where I hope to perform.
  • Going to many more things this year than last year. Yay! I’m actually triple-booked or more some nights for things I want to do.
  • I have about $250 left as spending money. Not much left to buy. Yay!

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