Pennsic 2004 Diary: Sunday, August 15

861.03 +
25.00: shopping (Claus — T-shirt, gift for Isabelle)
10.00: shopping (broach for RJ)
3.50: smoothie
5.00: lunch
40.00: Moonwolf concert and CDs
6.00: supper
+ 1.00: for my bardic
= 949.53

Classes Today:
– Elementary Banner Making
– Rewriting Tales for Use by Your Persona

About 4:30 pm

Today so far:

  • A little bit of shopping. All I now have left are present for Jeff and Ian, more CDs, and maybe a muffin cap. Which is good, because I’m almost out of spending money.
  • More singing with Michael.
  • Class 1: Elementary banner making. Informative, if not immediately useful to me.
  • Class 2: Rewriting tales for use by your persona. Really good class. Half was general, useful rules. The other half was a group-rewriting of the Three Little Pigs to fit a Medici Florentine persona. Lots of fun and one of the best classes I’ve taken in a while.
  • Went to a Laurel’s Tea and A&S Greeting (or something like that). I was somewhat intimidated when I realized I was one of only 3 people (out of about 30) who was neither an apprentice nor a laurel. But it was fun. Apparently someone even knew my web page and recognized my name. So cool!

Tonight: change into new garb (bodice and skirt). Go to Moonwolf concert. Go sing at Bardicci low party. Have fun!

About 7 pm

I’m wearing a bodice for the second time ever, the first time since March. Chiara helped me get into it, since I couldn’t get it tight enough on my own. Singing in this thing will pose a whole new, interesting set of challenges. I’m now waiting for the Moonwolf concert. And I’ll try to update my bardic request sheet before I perform tonight.

3 am

I’m so happy I could fly. I’m just coming back from an incredible bardic circle at the Debatable Lands camp, run by Master Brion (a former Sylvan Bard of Aethlemark). To begin with, everyone was absolutely breathtaking. My jaw was on the floor at the captivating stories, the silver voices… That I found the courage to sing amidst such people still surprises me, but sing I did. I performed three pieces:

  1. Maid on the Shore
  2. Man with the Long Bow
  3. The Valkyrie

After the second piece, a baron called (I think) Langdon gave me a carbuncle (stone) because he liked my pieces so much. As I was about to leave, having just finished The Valkyrie to an audience of the remaining diehard bards, I was given rings, one from Mistress Morgana and one from Master Brion himself. That not one, but two eminent bards liked me so much is shocking to me. I was and still am happy beyond description. It means that my many months of learning and practice are finally meaning something. But still… wow.

On a different note, before that I sang for an hour or two at the Bardicci low party. I had a weaker reception there — everyone seemed intent on the other, more public performances. I recited a few songs to some diehards (Zeff and Lynette — I’ve got groupies!), against a lot of noise. It was fun, in a “let me kill my throat” kind of way. I even got a dollar from Zeff. (He asked if he could give me money, I said yes.) That party (well, and the Debatable Lands one) was more about getting exposure than anything else — let people know who I am and what I do. Admittedly, two very different venues, but the purpose was the same.

On the way back from the Bardicci party (about midnight or so, I guess), D went off to Sharkpit for the Known World Rapier Party, which I had no desire to attend. I checked out Enchanted Ground, but they weren’t going anything tonight. So I remembered, suddenly, about Brion’s circle. I stopped at the dance tent and (unsurprisingly) found Unnr and Charles, so I said hi. Then I checked out the Debatable Lands circle and… well, see above.

Walking back to camp in the quiet (everything is dark, the Rapier Party is over, there’s no one even at the North Gate), I reflected on my night and I am very, very happy. Brion invited me to the Bardic Forum tomorrow to Thursday. Tomorrow is Wolgemut, so I may wait until Tuesday, but I definitely want to go. I have found my niche in bardic arts, I think. I’ve been singing as much as I can all Pennsic, and I’m still not tired of it. I only wish War lasted longer…

And in completely different news, it seems A and L arrived tonight.

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