Pennsic 2004 Diary: Monday, August 16

949.53 +
3.00: breakfast
1.43: mailed postcards
13.00: shopping (t-shirt for Jeff)
25.00: Wolgemut CDs
4.00: cobbler
6.00: supper
3.50: smoothie
3.00: Wolgemut concert
= 1008.46

11 am

I now have my two rings on a cord that I wear proudly as a necklace. I’ve shown them to at least 5 people already. Some more random “wow, this is cool” moments from the circle last night:

  • someone saying “thank you for doing that song” after Maid on the Shore
  • someone (else) saying “I hoped someone would do this song” as I began The Valkyrie
  • being specifically invited to the Bardic Forum

Wolgemut performs tonight, at 6 I believe, but possibly at 9. Afterwards, there are at least 4 circles I want to go to. I suppose I’ll decide later.

I changed my sheets this morning and added another blanket to the bed. Yes, despite all the layers, my feet still get cold. The cold doesn’t bother me as much as the dampness. Ah well. At least I’m far more comfortable than last year.

Speaking of comfortable, I love my pants! I bought 3 pairs of very light, 3/4 length white cotton pajama pants. They are wonderful! Everyone who loves not chafing, say aye: aye!

All the shopping I have left to do is get a gift for Ian (probably a chalice) and to fix my basket, which I’ll do now. Oh, and more CDs. (I only have 19!) *grin*

About 5:30 pm

Much singing today. About an hour at Casa Bardicci to a small but very receptive audience of Bardiccis. Incidentally, I (finally) got my entrance token to the Hoity Toity party on Thursday. I also spent the afternoon at an impromptu mini-bardic at Eoforwic with William the Younger, Unnr, Henry, and others. Much fun was had, but sadly Henry must leave tomorrow for Mundania. He will be missed.

I’m now waiting for the Wolgemut concert to start. As of 2 pm, they still didn’t have their loud instruments, but I’m sure it will be fun anyway. Afterwards, probably Enchanted Ground.

12:40 am

Wolgemut was fantastic as always, despite a lack of loud instruments. My favorites were the first one they did, with very improvised instruments, and the “original for the SCA” number, performed on heavy combat armor. (Yes, they dressed a guy in heavy armor and proceeded to play music using the armor as instruments.)

I caught the end of the Bardic Forum. Very nice people, but I’m getting a little frustrated with the false modesty. People, you’re good, just admit it and move on!

Went to the Enchanted Ground for about three hours. Wonderful but tiring — Cariadoc has a very soothing storytelling voice, that is almost hypnotic combined with a campfire.

The real question I must ask myself is: what do I want from my bardic? just fun? authenticity? a laurel? the three (or more) paths are quite different, I think, though not mutually exclusively.

I saw Henry one last time the — he shall be missed.

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