Pennsic 2004 Diary: Tuesday, August 17

1008.46 +
3.00: breakfast
5.00: lunch
2.00 Pennsic Independent (today and yesterday)
20.00: goblet for Ian
3.00: cookies
5.00: supper
7.00: smoothies
= 1053.46

9:45 am

Some reflections on what makes Pennsic different from Mundania:

  • no beggars / homeless people
  • no one goes hungry

… if only the real world was the same way.

Late afternoon

Where to start? Today’s activities so far:

  • last of the shopping done, with about $150 of burn money left over
  • checked out the MDA silent auction. Nice stuff, and cheap! Definitely something to put up on the web site! I bid on 5 things. I’ll check again tomorrow.
  • saw the A&S exhibition. Jaw, meet floor. So stunning! I was in complete awe.
  • impromptu bardic jam session with Lorelai, another food court busker-bard. Turns out she has many songs I want, and (more surprisingly) vice-versa. Lots of fun. Hopefully we’ll do another one before the end of War.
  • A lady of Gypsy Peddler told me she’ll do my hair with Italian braids for the Bardicci party. Total cost about $30. I may indeed take her up on it.
  • spoke to Mistress Nicolaa about UofT. She gave me lots of great advice and some names of people to contact.
  • actually saw A and L this morning. Yay!
  • Fiona’s concert is tonight. I’ll probably go to that. Afterwards, there are some cool-sounding bardic circles that I may go to. I’m not sure yet.

I’m over 3/4 through my notebook! Eep! I’ll have to start writing on the other sides of pages soon.

1:30 am

Tonight was a “Pennsic Moment”: sitting by the fire at the Mountain Freehold camp. Bards sang and told tales, but it was relaxed, among friends, with no pressure. People sang (or spoke) seemingly at random, but it all flowed together. The songs ranged from patriotic and bold (The Boreal Army Muster, for example), to slow and sad (Mingulay Boat Song, Maid on the Shore), with a few comedic stories and songs thrown in for good measure (Wagner’s opera in a participative story by Chiara). It was fun, relaxing… wonderful.

Incidentally, Chiara wrote the Boreal Army Muster (brilliant, really) and I have (perhaps foolishly) offered to sing it at the head of a Boreal contingent to the battle. Unfortunately, I also promised to meet someone at 11 am tomorrow… Conrad will understand. I can always to it Thursday. Tomorrow Mountain Freehold is having a pancake breakfast, so I’ll talk to him then.

Incidentally, Fiana’s concert is not in fact Mistress Fiana but the group Fiana… I didn’t go to the concert.

After tonight’s bardic circle and bardic forum, I’m revising my list of types of bardic circles to 4:

  1. pure period (Enchanted Ground) => often serious and focused
  2. “high bardic” (Brion, club Aed) => serious (usually), focus is on skill and quality
  3. “relaxed bardic” (Mountain freehold) => serious or not, focus is on camaraderie, not necessarily skill (though many skilled people perform)
  4. “low bardic” (Bog) => fun, relaxed, focus on having a good time and drinking

They all have advantages and disadvantages, and their own time. However, in general the people who attend different types tend to be different people. There is, of course, crossover. Anyway. Just more rambling from a newbie bard.

D gets his AoA tomorrow. Yay D! It’s long overdue!

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