Pennsic 2006 Diary

Pennsic 35: The Pennsic of an amateur bard and shameless flirt

Two years later, but it’s the same great event and (hopefully) the same great me. As with previous years, I’m including an abridged version of my diary for you, my readers. I say “abridged,” because some things that go on at Pennsic, stay at Pennsic. You know the drill.

As in past years, I’m including my spending, because this is, first and foremost, a page about budgeting. I had much less money this time than previous years: about $800 for the full two weeks. I didn’t spend it all, and I even managed to get about $250 of shopping money in there, so it can be done, my good readers! Fear not: I would not lead you astray!

I ask only that you be a bit patient with my writing. This was all written on-site. Sometimes I was tired, sometimes I was cranky, sometimes I was elated. Just take things in stride, and we’ll all be fine. The only thing you need to know about the format is that often I’ll write about the previous night’s events in my morning post. This is because I was generally too tired at night (and it was too dark out) to write properly.

That said, read and enjoy!

Saturday, August 5

CAD 5.25 — breakfast
6.00 — lunch
15.00 — supper
109.89 — hotel
= CAD $5.25; US $120.89

9 pm — Holiday Inn, Batavia, NY (between Rochester and Buffalo)

I’ve got a rolling headache at the moment, so we’ll see how much I can actually get written tonight. In truth, there isn’t much to tell: the day consisted mostly of travelling.

Forward to Sunday, August 6


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