Pennsic 2006 Diary: Monday, August 14

383.17 +
15.00 — handout photocopies
1.00 — bard
7.00 — Vagabond
6.00 — supper
= $412.17

morning — Quatrefoil

Yesterday: 5 parties, 5 hours. It should have been six and six, but that’s life.

After meeting up with Chiara and seeing Conrad, I went down to Enchanted Ground. I was so horrifically outclassed. I counted at least 5 bardic laurels (probably more), and even more bardic maunches. But, as I’ve said, that’s never stopped me before. People started doing songs, so despite my general lack of repertoire, I did “The Valkyrie.” I was actually really pleased with all my performances last night: my voice was particularly melodious and range-reaching. Shortly after performing (around 11 pm), I decided to leave before I got even further sucked in.

I went over to Casa Bardicci, toyed with the guards (though not as much as I could have), and had Dunstable help me find Guiseppi. And found him I did, in the end. We watched a really great band perform: Dunstable thought the flutist was Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull. How cool is that!

After a heartfelt parting from Guiseppi, I checked out the nearby camps to see if Michael was performing. i found him at Hedgehog. I stayed for a while, appreciating his singing. Again, I needed to leave before I wanted, lest I be drawn in for the rest of the night.

Making my way up Hangover Hill, I saw that Howling Mouse was open. With my bardic appetite whetted from Michael (I’ve still got “Least of my Kind” stuck in my head!), I offered to sing for them. I did “Maid on the Shore,” followed up by “Serious Steel.” I actually attracted people from the road who came to listen to me! Way cool!

Around 1:15 I made it up to Brion’s circle. It was very full when I arrived: about 25-30 bards. It also wasn’t the energy I wanted. I came in to Gaared performing, which was (as always) great, but there followed a succession of stories and “pretty” songs. I bemoaned that I would ever get to perform. Thankfully (perhaps), mostly people left shortly after I arrived, and Luccia requested I perform. So I did “Lady Isabelle and the Elf-Knight,” which went over pretty well. I stayed for a few more songs before deciding the atmosphere was just a touch too serious for me, and I took my leave.

I went to Sharkpit, but found that when I arrived (around 2:15), the party was well and truly dead. I considered going back down into the Bog to find Michael, but I eventually decided against it. So I just went to bed. Despite the layers I put at the foot of the bed, my feet were still cold. I blame the dampness. This was the first morning in a while I didn’t need to wake up, but here on the ‘Ghetti it’s hard to sleep past 8:30. Le sigh.

People around camp keep telling me someone from the Vagabond came by to see me. I have no idea who it was. I find this highly amusing. Yes, I’m easily amused.

I don’t have much on the calendar for today. I want to swing by the A&S exhibition at some point, and tonight I’ve got EK Bardic and Ajax’s party, but otherwise I’m free. Also, I don’t have to wake up tomorrow morning — yay!

There are supposed to be scattered thundershowers today. Fingers crossed that they’re not too bad.

So that’s it for now. Until later!

around noon — food court

A lazy, meandering morning. I went down to the Marauders and gave some impromptu persona coaching. Then down to the A&S exhibition, where I was awed and humbled by the workmanship of the artisans. I was also complimented twice on my coif, which amuses me because it is 1) the first thing I ever embroidered and 2) completely anachronistic (celtic knotwork on a Viking coif done in Elizabethan blackwork). Finally, I went over to A&S Point. They don’t need volunteers right now and it was a down period, so I performed “Serious Steel” for them (I’m getting an early start on bardic today, apparently).

I’m not entirely sure what to do now. I don’t have much on the schedule until tonight. Ah well. I’m sure I’ll figure something out. If I can’t find something to do at Pennsic, I’m just not trying hard enough.

mid-afternoon — Marauders

Strolling is. I stopped in briefly at Ajax’s, but he was asleep. So instead I made my way to Bardicci and spent an hour or so there, relaxing. I went up to the Sea Chameleon but no one was about. Instead, I ran into Dirk from Howling Mouse, who invited me to help him taste-test a new concoction made of blueberry wine. Very tasty. Yum! Yay for free alcohol!

And now I’m here. I’m sure plans will come together. They always do. TTFN, then!

late afternoon — Sharkpit

I forgot to mention: while I was at the Marauders, someone (I assume a member of i Sebastiani) asked if I wanted to be the intermezzi for the i Sebastiani show tonight. And while I was flattered, 1) my self-confidence isn’t nearly high enough for that yet, especially since 2) I have no idea whether this guy had ever heard me before. If Michael and Lorelei had asked me to intermission for them, I’d have accepted because they know my repertoire (in part) and skill level. Random strangers… well, I’m not there yet.

After writing last, I spent some time with Alethea at the Vagabond, chatting. I tried an iced jasmine green tea — yummy. Also more baklavah — still yummy.

I wandered back down to the Sea Chameleon only to find that I’d missed Michael by about 45 minutes. At that point, I was frustrated with looking for him and decided to just come back here for a while.

Now the wind is up and I’m seeing (I think) flashes of lightening, though it’s not raining yet. (fingers crossed) I’ll wear the cloak tonight, just in case, though I’ll probably leave the hood at home.

It’s currently 4:45. I’ve got just over an hour until EK Bardic. I’ll probably change and then relax here.

2:50 am — my tent

I’m not particularly happy. It’s not that I had a bad night, but that I am miffed at circumstances.

I found Michael and Lorelei in the barn, preparing for their sets, on my way to EK Royal. I told them where I’d be, but I didn’t want to disturb them, so I just went over.

The bardic itself was quite good, except that the rain started. I got to perform “The Not at Pennsic Blues,” which went over fairly well. I also got to listen to some amazingly talented people. I eventually left around 9, when the rain died down a bit.

Michael and Lorelei were not in the barn. I had no idea where they were. On a hunch, I went by the Vagabond. It was closed. However, walking past it, I heard the distinctive sound of their performance. Once I convinced the waitress I was there to see the bards and not to buy drinks, she let me in. Michael and Lorelei were doing a dress rehearsal for the show. They were near-ish the end, and finished up around 9:45. We headed over to the food court to catch the Fruity Cobbler before it closed.

Somewhere along the way, we lost Michael, and Lorelei went back to her camp to change into more appropriate clothes for a memorial service where she needed to be at 10. At 10:10, we finally discovered Michael (back in line at the Cobbler). Lorelei rushed off, Michael sat down to eat, and I tried to figure out what to do for the rest of the night.

In the end, he and I went back to the Sea Chameleon to dump his guitar. And not a moment too soon — as we left camp, the rain started back up. My original plan had been to bring Lorelei and Michael down to Ajax’s and enjoy the party. Instead, Michael and I took shelter in the dance tent while the heavens raged. When they had abated, and Michael had danced a dance he knew, we found ourselves at a small circle at the Marauders’ camp. There were only 3 or 4 actual bards there, and quite a large audience, so we both got some performing time in. I did one or two songs, Michael did more (especially once Kenrick brought him his guitar). I harmonized on a few songs, though nowhere near as well as Lorelei does. Somewhere around 1:30, Michael decided to go back to the dance tent. We decided that we’d play the rest of the night by ear, and I hugged him goodbye.

I proceeded to entertain the few remaining Marauders, mostly on my own, for the better part of 45 minutes, until my voice was well and truly shot. I really need to learn to sing from the diaphragm.

I went by the dance tent, but it was closed, and looked like it had been for some time. So I trudged my way back to camp, only to find that despite the waterproofing job I’d done, my tent still leaks. A lot, apparently. I had thankfully put the garbage bag over my pillow, but there was water on that. And the blankets. And the sheepskin beside the bed. And the foot of my bed where I keep my tunics. Yeah… not pleased. I also need to wash my shoes because they are now filled with mud.

So, taking stock of the situation:

  • my shoes are muddy
  • my bed is damp
  • my voice is shot
  • the air is humid
  • I am sleeping alone [post-Pennsic note: no, this was not unusual. It was, in fact, the standard situation. I was just frustrated with it that night.]

So, yeah. I’m not happy. I’m now going to try to go to sleep in a damp bed. Joy. 3:12 am. Goodnight.

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