Pennsic 2006 Diary: Tuesday, August 15

412.17 +
10.00 — camp fees (Quatrefoil)
6.00 — bard
2.00 — ice cream
3.50 — supper
4.00 — snack
= $437.67

morning — Sharkpit

I woke up in a foul mood. I’d slept 4 hours and pretended to sleep another hour and a half, which isn’t enough. I woke to find water still on the floor, my voice still shot, and my tent still empty other than me. I admit I wasn’t very good company for a while.

But many hugs later, some breakfast and chai later, and an utterly hilarious reading of the Pennsic Independent later (acted out by Diego and Alexander, read by Alice, with copious audience prompting), I’m feeling worlds better.

I have no real plans today. Rest my voice, some afternoon classes, and Michael and Lorelei’s concert at 7. Also, I should probably apologize to Ajax for not making his party, and I want to swing by the Casa. I have no plans to see either Michael or Lorelei before the concert — they’ll be rehearsing in any case.

late morning — still Sharkpit

It must be a real War: I have written my first song. A guy (Alex) was telling a story this morning and my ninja bard sense said, “there’s a song in this!” So I wrote it. It’s received very good reactions from the two performances I’ve done so far. Yay!

I also washed my shoes as best I could. There’s still mud, but not nearly as much as last night. The downside is that they’re now wet. I’m letting them dry in the sun for a while, but I’ve got wanderlust and want to head out. Maybe I’ll go barefoot.

Oh, and my stripey tunic is currently at the laundry, which is good because I’ve been wearing it every day so far, almost. Yay for clean clothes! Yay for bardic! … Boo for needing to use the bathroom. TTFN.

early afternoon — downtown Pennsic

A relatively chill afternoon, so far, and yet due to a chance comment I now feel like an idiot. I performed my song a few more times, always to good reactions, and was even told I should perform it at the Calontir circle tonight. I listened to a half-hour, open-air performance by Wolgemut, chatted with Liam and some of the Regnesfolke, and sat in with Lorelei and another woman as they performed. All in all, very pleasant.

And yet a chance comment as I was leaving has sent my emotions in turmoil again. Apparently the dance pavilion closes at 11, and the dancing moves to the barn. Which is where Michael was when I went to bed. D’oh!

mid-afternoon — Sharkpit

Back from a tour around the Bog. Poked my head into Havre des Glaces for hugs. Stopped into the Sea Chameleon, where I chatted with B and left a message for Michael, who (apparently) wasn’t there. So I proceeded down the hill to Bardicci and chilled there for a while. Eventually, I headed out with Leonardo, continued past him and went over to Ajax’s. His camp was filled with about 20-30 women, playing with henna and cosmetics. It was a typically Ajax moment. I didn’t stay long, but headed back up to Sharkpit (stopping only to say hi to Riccardo, Thorson, Eleanor, Alethea, and Nikki in the food court). And now I’m back. My stuff is dry, my tunic is clean, and there are tortillas and guacamole. Though I’m still a bit sleep-deprived, life is good.

almost 7 — Performing arts pavilion

Lorelei, Michael, and Amanda are warming up or fooling around backstage. I don’t want to disturb them. I poked my head into the green room and Lorelei saw me. Michael just poked his head out, so he knows I’m here, too. But I think that’ll be the extent of it until after the show. I’ll give them hugs after.

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