Pennsic 2006 Diary: Wednesday, August 16

437.67 +
3.50 — laundry
7.25 — lunch
10.00 — camp fees (Sharkpit)
15.00 — Wolgemut CD
5.00 — Vagabond
25.00 — Whiskey Bards CDs
153.59 — Angevin Treasures CDs
= $657.01

early morning — Sharkpit

I’m highly sleep deprived, self-conscious, and sad this morning. Last night was fun, I suppose, but laced with an element of tension. And now at least one bit of interpersonal drama has turned a page — I just need to turn with it.

So. The show itself was fun. Lorelei and Michael did a great job and I’m really happy for them.

After the show, I met Silence, one of Effenwealt’s apprentices. We agreed to hook up with her at the De Laundres bardic and went off to the food court.

In the end, Michael and I left Lorelei in the food court and went to the circle together. As I understand it, it was a fairly exclusive, invite-only circle. Though I actually did have an invitation, I got in on Michael’s coattails. Silence was already there, as was Mistress Gwen, and we sat with the two of them. Despite the high caliber of the circle, the best performers (Michael, Silence, and Gwen) were all sitting around me, highlighting (to my mind) my own lack of ability. We arrived at about 10:30 or 11, and let the circle go around three times until about 1. The first time, I passed. The second, I performed “Serious Steel,” and the third time my new song. I received a bottle of raspberry mead for performing, which was nice. On the other hand, I felt like a complete incompetent.

Then we went off to the Northshield circle. We were there for 3 hours and the circle didn’t even go around twice. Yet again, I was between Michael (when he showed up), Gwen, and Silence. Michael also brought another girl. He had all of us leaning on him at one point (well, not Gwen). Hence the tension, at least for me. For him, I believe the quote was, “life doesn’t suck.” At the circle, I performed “Follow Me Up to Carlow” (very poorly) and “Oedipus Rex” by Tom Lehrer (somewhat better). When it was all over, I somewhat disappointedly went back to my own tent. I had hoped to be going back to someone else’s tent, but it didn’t work out.

So I went home at 4 am. Shivered most of the night. Woke up at 8:30. Despite being offered a hammock and someone’s bed, I could not fall back asleep. So I guess it’s about 10 right now and I’m still on the verge of tears. I feel very self-conscious about both my bardic abilities and my own attractiveness. I want to have the bardic skills where people request stuff from me, where I can sit down after a performance and feel happy with it. And I want to fall asleep with someone’s arms wrapped around me in a hug. I want to feel wanted.

Yeah… not happy this morning. My chest is tight, my emotions are shot, and I’m just generally unhappy.

about 2 pm — Marauders

I was right — a 2 1/2 hour nap later and I’m feeling much better. The Marauders were nice enough to let me sleep in John’s tent for a while, and it was very comfy. I got up because it was getting hot in the tent.

I’m still bitter about the thing last night, but the rolling waves of emotion have abated and I’m feeling much more flirty.

Now to use the porto, eat, and shower. I’m going to go back to my first-week mode of uber-flirty, now that I don’t have emotions tied up in a particular person. At least, that’s the plan.

about 3 pm — Quatrefoil

Mmm… food. Tasty food. It’s good to have food in my body.

I’ve spoken to my lift about gas. It looks like I have an extra $100 of spending money. Score! That’s… (quick calculation) about 5-6 more CDs! Yay!

I’ve also just performed my new song for Alexander, whose story it is based on. He liked it. I are pleased.

Now I’m just waiting for the showers to be free, because I was too slow in claiming them. After showering, I think I’ll wander down to the food court, chat with Freya, and see what else is going on. I may take my basket with a spare tunic and veil, so I won’t need to change in camp before court. I may swing by the Vagabond or the Bog, but I haven’t decided yet.

4:40 pm — Vagabond

On a whim, I decided to swing by the Vagabond after my shower. On the way, I picked up the new Wolgemut CD. I was tempted to buy two, but (despite by new-found windfall), I am still on a budget. So I contented myself with the one.

I also ran into Dolan (a common fixture around the circles) and got a huge ego boost in terms of my bardic abilities. Though he agrees I have my ups and downs, he highly complimented my “ups” and said that I myself was sometimes a hard act to follow. It was exactly what I needed to hear. He also gave me two pieces of amber: one for myself and one to pass on. I feel very gratified.

Though there are no actual circles tonight, there is the Heather Dale concert (well… “friends of” Heather Dale, since Heather herself isn’t at Pennsic). It finishes at 11. Afterwards, a bunch of people (Dolan, Kirion, Luccia, Lorelei, …) will be going fire-hopping, and Dolan invited me along. So I’ll probably wind up doing that.

Which all means I should do my CD shopping before court. I should have enough for about 10-14 more CDs. Score! That’s 14-18 I’ll have accumulated at War. Yay for more music!

And now my drink is done, so I should be off.

evening — East Kingdom court

What a pleasant afternoon. Upon leaving the Vagabond, I heard some musicians busking in the marketplace. They were really good. I bought their CDs. Thence onwards to Angevin Treasures. Silence was there, and we chatted for a while. It was fun. Then she and Effenwealt helped me pick out CDs, and I walked away with quite a stash.

Then I high-tailed it over to the Marauders’ camp to sample the Ansteorran chilli. Yum! I chatted, changed, ate, and ran, and now I’m at court. It’s just begun so far. Hopefully it won’t go too long.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to play dress-up with Nikki’s clothes before the Bardicci party. Should be fun.

And now begins the long, slow process of court…

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