Pennsic 2006 Diary: Thursday, August 17

657.01 +
0.80 — postcard to Ernst
+10.00 — class handouts
5.00 — lunch
18.00 — Vagabond
30.00 — CDs
= $700.81

morning — Quatrefoil

In what is apparently becoming Pennsic tradition, my body decided to shut down last night. About an hour and a half into court, I started getting tired and headachy, so I left early and came back to camp.

I popped an advil around 9, and the next 45 minutes were spent in increasing levels of agony as my headache became a full-blown migraine and I huddled under my cloak. People returned from court and even started singing, and all I could think was, “oh gods, make the noise and light stop!”

Eventually the migraine did go away. Pasqual gave me a head massage and the advil finally kicked in. After that, things were better. I flirted mildly with a guy from camp for about an hour (he’s sweet and somewhat cute, but too old for me). After that, I hung around the campfire until about 11:30. I felt like a true party pooper: I didn’t even get out to midnight madness. But I couldn’t go out, I was just too tired.

I got over 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time all War. Yay. I’m feeling much better this morning. Other than the Bardicci party, I don’t have anything on for tonight… yet. That’ll change, I’m sure. 🙂

Now for breakfast.

still morning — same place

I can apparently now perform my new song without stumbling over the lyrics. I are pleased.

mid-afternoon — Marauders’

Class went well. I got about 30 students and recouped about $10 of photocopy fees. Yay! I’m still working on perfecting the timing, but I got through everything, so all is well.

After class, I strolled around and finally decided to swing down into the Bog. No one I knew was at Ajax’s, so I continued straight on to the Bardicci. They were busy preparing for open house, but I stayed for about an hour, performing a few Irish drinking songs for the household. I also managed to secure an invitation to the high party for Lynette, who showed up shortly after I did. I like being in a position where I can do nice things for people. It makes me feel happy.

I walked up Hangover Hill, but no one was stirring in either the Sea Chameleon or the Howling Mouse camps. Probably for the best, really.

I then got spiffy clothes from Nikki, said hi to Lorelei, and dropped the clothes off at camp. I dropped into the Marauders, ate some cake (left over from Master Mcguire’s subtlety), and am now on my way to the Vagabond to watch Lakshmi (sp?) dance and buy Alethea coffee. TTFN!

evening — Sharkpit

The dancing was actually lovely. Lakshmi (sp?) does Indian dancing, a form I’m not really familiar with, but it was very interesting.

Then I went off to a class about the re-creation book of Ecclesiastes. The class was fascinating, but I needed to leave because I was close to passing out from dehydration. I skipped over to Chiurgeon’s Point and drunk 3 mugs of water. Then I decided to head back to camp.

On the way, I ran into Luccia, who told me about all sorts of parties happening tonight. There are many circles — yay! I’ll be a busy girl tonight.

I also picked up Lorelei’s and Michael’s new CDs. Yay! I think I’m mostly done with my shopping now, except for the cloak clasps. That makes 16 CDs total. Score!

So that’s it for now. Folkvang (sp?), the camp next to Sharkpit, invited me to diner, so I am now fed and watered. Now to find a belt to go with this dress…

still evening — same place

Michael just showed up at camp, up in this neck of the woods on some errand or other. We compared notes on what’s happening tonight, hugged, and essentially decided to play things by ear for the rest of the night: if we see each other, we see each other, if not, not. Works for me.

At some point soon, I should head out.

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