Pennsic 2006 Diary: Friday, August 18

700.81 +
6.00 — cloak clasps
5.30 — Claus books
+53.00 — PI articles
5.00 — cobbler
2.00 — bards
= $666.11

morning — Sharkpit

Last night was fun, though not necessarily according to plan. I went over to Bardicci, looking durn spiffy if-I-do-say-so-myself. On the way down, I encountered Leondardo, who escorted me around the lake. It was quite romantic, actually.

We also stopped into Jules’ encampment, where I performed my new song to an appreciative audience. Yay!

We made our way onwards to Bardicci. It truly is enchanting at the high party, utterly splendid. I spent most of my time there on Seamus’ arm, which was great. I love doing schtick with them. The subtleties were also great: Gisella (under the name Smuticelli) did “a ship of seamen” in marzipan (“seamen” here being synonymous for, well… you get the idea). John Mcguire, under the assumed name “Ludwig von Krotchengrobber” made two cakes, the first “a bird in the hand” (a gauntleted hand holding a chicken), the second “two in the bush” (two chickens nesting in, well… you get the idea).

Somewhere around 10:30, it was getting too crowded for my tastes, so I took my leave. I found Michael about 15 minutes later, at O’Choda. They had fresh-baked cookies. Yummy cookies.

I followed Michael for the rest of the night, from there to Regnesfolke. I still do love listening to him sing. I left for my camp around 1:30, and for the first time in a while, my bed was warm and I didn’t shiver all night.

And now it is morning of my last full day at Pennsic. I’m helping Freya pack up her merchanting tent at 7, and after that I’ll stay for the sing-along at Quatrefoil and then hit the Ealdormere circle. At least, that’s the plan. As with all plans, we’ll see how long it survives encounters with reality.

early afternoon — Sharkpit

A meandering morning. I did the last bit of my shopping, stopped by the Marauders’ for a while, found Ajax at his camp (for once!), swung by Bardicci and Sea Chameleon, and then back to the Marauders, where I performed Rathflaed DuNoir’s “Beowulf.” It went over well, and they fed me. Yay food.

A chance encounter with Lorelei tells me that inclement weather is imminent: drizzles today turning to rain tomorrow and not letting up until Monday. I’ve packed up everything I can in my tent: everything but the clothes I’m wearing, bed stuff, and toiletries. And the camp gear (tent, chair, etc.) We can’t put it into the van tonight, but hopefully the bad weather will hold off until after we leave. Fingers crossed.

People here are preparing to leave for the woods battle; I’m preparing for the bardic exhibition. I may have one last cobbler today as well.

And I am not seeing lightening flashes. If I don’t see them, they don’t exist.

mid-afternoon — Performing arts pavilion

Unexpected windfall! The Independent paid me for my two articles! I had thought I was just doing those as a volunteer. But they gave me money, yay! I can buy more CDs!

And now I’m sitting here watching the tail end of the Coxcomb show (running late) before the bardic exhibition. It’s actually quite funny.

That’s it for now!

around 7 — Freya’s booth

The bardic exhibition was lots of fun. I wound up going fourth, after Brion (second) and Peregrine (third). So, no pressure. *grin* Actually, I think I did pretty well. I performed my new song and “The Not at Pennsic Blues,” and really drummed up the energy. The best compliment was given inadvertently by Maraha, who said he was happy he didn’t need to go after me. All told, it was a fun two and a half hours.

After, I went with Grim (Toki’s student) to the Marauders, who told me Michael had been by and I missed him. D’oh! I did a brief walkabout but didn’t find him.

Now to help Freya do tear-down.

late night — Sharkpit

Tonight I found myself with an entourage. After packing up Freya (I left early because I was wiped), dinner at the Marauders, and a brief stop-in at Quatrefoil, I found myself back at the Marauders for cake and performing. After I did my new song, Alethea insisted I perform it for the Calontir circle. I said I would, but only if I had an escort to be sure they didn’t kill me. So off with Alethea and three other guys I went.

The performance at Calontir actually went really well. (tagline, “please don’t kill me.”) I stayed for another song and a hilariously funny lesson in Latin pick-up lines by Master Drix. Though the circle was rousing, I decided to continue on in search of Michael, and the three guys followed as my minions / entourage. They confided (well, shouted drunkenly) that they were a supervillain group called “The Inebriators,” also known as the AMA (“Against Medical Advice”) fighting squad. Their mighty battle cry: “Do what you want with the girl, but leave us alone!” “Flabilicious” couldn’t come, but “Captain Anonymous,” “The Duct Tape Elemental,” and “The Mead Bomber” accompanied me. They were already drunk and proceeded to get drunker. It was lots of fun. They named me their evil criminal mastermind, the “Mad Minstrel,” and they would not leave my side (no matter how much I occasionally desired it. *grin*)

After a few false leads and a short performance of “Serious Steel” for Howling Mouse, I found Michael at the Regnesfolk. Together, the five of us stopped in at the Ealdormere circle, decided it was too slow, and proceeded up Runestone Hill, accumulating alcohol as we went (well, they did, anyway).

At one point, Michael split off from us as we continued up to the Marauders. I actually had my minions chanting at my cue: it was way nifty. I performed “Beowulf” by Rathflaed DuNoir (yes, again) for them, and I fear the speech patterns will be stuck with the Marauders for a long time. Even Master Mcguire (“The Enabler”) seemed chagrined at the trouble I returned to his camp. (As I rubbed my fingers in a Burns-like fashion.)

Michael eventually caught up with us there, and we had a great time. I love Pennsic. It was a fantastic last night. I’ve never had an entourage before, and it was great. I shall have to do this more often.

So that’s it. 2:10 am on a humid night, of my last full day at Pennsic. G’night.

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