Pennsic 2006 Diary: Monday, August 7

250.92 +
7.00 — breakfast
6.50 — supper
2.00 — ice cream
4.00 — Vagabond
= $270.42

morning, around 8 am

Right. So when last I wrote anything substantial, I wasn’t even on-site yet. We arrived around 4:15, and check-in was very easy. It was quite hot and humid, and despite Thorson and Eleanor’s help, I was still setting up 3 hours later. Stupid heat. On the other hand, I made many friends at Sharkpit. Yay for new friends!

By about 8:30, we established the kitchen tent was not being set up, so Freya and I wandered down to the (thankfully open) food court. There, I found Unnr, Charles, and Lynette, so I went with them to the dance tent and chilled there for a while. Alas, there weren’t many dancers out, so eventually I left to wander back to camp.

Some time later, Thorson asked if I wanted to go wandering. Since I wasn’t doing anything else, I said, “sure.” So off I wandered (yes, there was a lot of wandering) with Thorson, Svava, Fergus, Eleanor, and others. We hit the coffee merchant, Deitrich’s, Ajax’s, Ravenspittle, and Vlad’s. I made new friends at Ajax’s (yay new friends!) and felt typically overdressed at Vlad’s, but I had a great time. Got back to camp around 1:30 am.

Night-time was damp. Very damp. Ugh. Woke up at 6:30 — not hot. Stayed in bed until 7:45 — still not hot, but very humid. I’m hoping the humidity breaks at some point. My neck hurts — I must have slept on it funny. On the other hand, Freya’s air mattress died, so she’s going into town to buy another one. The corollary to this is there is no Freya-breakfast, so I’ll have to go to the food court at some point. After that, I’ll take the time to read through the Pennsic books, which I didn’t get to do yesterday.

So that’s it for now. TTFN!

early afternoon — Sharkpit

The morning has been fairly chill so far. Ishi joined me for breakfast, and we talked about his experiences in Regia Anglorum, and my experiences in Europe and doing my M.A.

The rest of the morning was spent wandering around, chatting, and relaxing. Liam and Alethea arrived, yay! No one is at A&S point for me to check in. Also, I may have just volunteered to do back-heralding for Alethea: she’s now sure what’s going on, and neither am I.

I’m keeping myself very well hydrated. The down-side is that I need to use the washroom every 15 minutes. I’m not wearing sunscreen, which is stupid of me, but at least I’m staying in the shade.

Also this morning I sewed up my cloak. All it’s missing is trim and clasp.

I believe I’m fitting in well with Sharkpit. They’re fun people. And now there are many more people around than when I started, so I’ll put this down.

mid-afternoon — still at Sharkpit

It’s gotten hot again. Stupid sun. It might be time for an afternoon nap.

after supper

Napping didn’t really happen, but at least I lay down in chairs for an hour. After that I hung out with Thorson, Eleanor, and Mellisandre and did some bardic. (Yay bardic!) Liam showed up and I followed him back to his camp (Mcguire’s Marauders) to say hi to Alethea.

Still having not had dinner, I went to the food court and had a “pulled chicken” sandwich. At the food court, I found both Riccardo of Ravenspittle and Lorelei. I realize I am slowly becoming the sort of person who has “annual” friends, seen only at War.

As I was finishing dinner, I discovered Lyanna, Griffith, Igraine, and Ivan, who were all going out for ice cream. I invited myself along. It was (surprisingly) decent-priced for large portions. I was pleased. We chatted about heraldry and border crossings (not in conjunction, thankfully), and then they showed me where they’re camped. On the way back to Sharkpit, I saw the Gothic cathedral I’d heard about. It’s not all set up yet, but very impressive regardless. They’ve got flying buttresses — how cool is that!

I feel mildly guilty using so much of Sharkpit’s water, but on the other hand, I know that I’d be terribly dehydrated if I didn’t.

For the second night in a row, it’s threatening to rain but, so far, hasn’t. Fingers are crossed.

I don’t know what I’m doing tonight. I think I’ll go see Liam and Alethea and find out what they’re doing. TTFN!

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