Pennsic 2006 Diary: Tuesday, August 8

270.42 +
3.50 — breakfast
3.50 — cobbler
5.00 — Vagabond
= $282.42

morning, after breakfast

I did indeed see Liam and Alethea last night. Together with Nikki (who I discovered, to my surprise, is Liam’s daughter), we wandered around Pennsic and finally found ourselves at Your Inner Vagabond. I had never been there before, but I was quite impressed: wonderful ambience, wonderful coffee and tea, delightful baklavah. When I have money to splurge, Alethea and I will go back for a baklavah plate. Yum!

Then we went to Security Point (less Nikki) to visit Ajax and Alethea’s squire-brother, Phillip. We sat, we chatted, we had fun. Ajax gave me a stellar head-and-neck massage: he is very good. I offered him a night of eternal gratitude in recompense, but he only wanted a thank-you and a kiss, which I happily provided. Somewhere after midnight, I walked back to camp with Ishi and went to bed.

The traditional, “it’s early Pennsic, 5 am, and I need to pee” struck this morning. Hopefully it won’t last too many more days. On the other hand, I slept wonderfully. Mmmmm….

And now, I have no idea what I’m doing today. The bank will hopefully be open, merchants (some of them) are open, A&S Point will hopefully be open… we shall see. That’s it for now!

12:40 pm — A&S Point

So, a little window-shopping later, and I’ve found myself at A&S Point, helping out. I’m checking in occasional teachers and chatting with the staff. The teachers’ medallions, pewter-cast stars, are very, very pretty. I are pleased.

It’s a gorgeous day out. After I’m done here, I’ll probably try to find Liam and then go shower. And I should probably eat at some point.

mid-afternoon — Mcguire’s Marauders

So far this afternoon, I confirmed that there will not be an Enchanted Ground bardic tonight and then accidentally stumbled in on a Pennsic Independent staff meeting I hadn’t known was happening. The people seem nice, though I’m a bit worried about how much time it will take up next week. We shall see.

Then I took a shower and felt nearly human. The water started cold but actually became moderately warm. Yay!

Then I went with Alethea to the food court and had my first peach cobbler of the War.

Now we’re going off window-shopping on merchants’ row. TTFN!

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