Pennsic 2006 Diary: Wednesday, August 9

282.42 +
4.00 — lunch
1.00 — class handout
3.75 — smoothie
= $291.17

early morning

What a fantastic evening. Alethea and I did in fact go shopping, and then we went over to Your Inner Vagabond, whereupon we met Michael and Lorelei. So of course we stuck around and sang with them for a while. Alethea introduced us to the ultimate “my throat is sore and broken” drink: silk road milk sharbat. Yum…

As we were sitting and drinking, Ajax arrived, coming back from the battlefield. He invited us over to his place and we accepted. But first… more shopping! It continually amazes me how many people Alethea knows. We also said hi to Eleanor and Menkin, who had just arrived.

Thence, onwards to Ajax’s. We arrived to find him bathing, in a tub at the edge of the lake, surrounded by beautiful women, being fed peeled grapes by his girlfriend. His quote about the situation: “my life is aggressively failing to suck.” It was highly amusing.

We stepped out for a second to visit Jules. I performed “Serious Steel” and now have a standing invitation to go back and sing for my supper. Yay!

Back to Ajax’s. He fed us. I was happy. Then he lit up the shisha and I relaxed with yet more newfound friends and listened to yet more Ajax stories.

Somewhere around 10-ish, I decided to check out the Northshield bardic circle. I came at the end of one story, stayed for the beginning of the next, and decided the circle wasn’t to my tastes. So I came back to Sharkpit to catch the tail end of the Mexican party. Ishi gave me a very good back massage. I like feeling competent on occasion, and apparently I still give good head massages.

I missed Freya-breakfast, so it’s back to the food court with me this morning. Also, I realize I left my brush and deodorant at Alethea’s after my shower and need to pick them up. Other plans for the day: two classes look interesting, I need to cash a traveller’s check, and the PI staff meeting. I’m dining with Liam and Alethea, going to Haakon’s circle, and then maybe coming back here for another circle I’ve just been invited to, with a pre-1600 theme. And, of course, anything else I’m invited to today.

And now I’ve just been offered chai tea. Some gifts are not refused. Now, to enjoy…

mid-afternoon — Sharkpit

The morning started slowly. By the time I reached downtown Pennsic, it was almost time for lunch and a half-hour until my noon class. I changed a traveller’s check to cash (yay cash), grabbed some lunch, and headed over. Both that class (Brainstorming Organizing Solutions for SCA Households) and the one at two (A Cure for What Ails You — about humoural theory and food) were very good. Between them, I spent more time at A&S point. It was mostly dead, so I just relaxed.

On the way back to Sharkpit, I met Charles, Erwillian, and Riccardo. I am fully of the opinion that Pennsics are cumulative: it takes a few Wars before you start randomly encountering people in the street, but once you do, the effect just multiplies. I’ve heard of one woman who tried to walk from the barn to the north gate; it took her three and a half hours.

I think my plan now is to relax a bit, hit the merchants (and maybe the food courts), and finally head over to the PI meeting. Lucian’s bardic moved to tomorrow night, so at the moment I’m only single-booked.

That’s it for now!

late afternoon — PI offices

The afternoon, like the morning, has been chill. Some window-shopping, mostly uneventful. A pouch-merchant flirted with me, and I had a chance encounter with Ajax. A green tea smoothie later, and I find myself a half-hour early for the PI staff meeting.

So here I am, chilling with Calvert, Hierusalem, and Gwen. Life is good.

about 2 am — Sharkpit

Normally I’d wait until tomorrow to journal, but I want to make sure I remember everything about tonight.

After the PI meeting (wherein I was given some work for tomorrow morning — 8 pages of ads to proof and an article to write), I wandered up to Mcguire’s Marauders (Alethea’s camp). On the way, I met Michael, who’d apparently been looking for me, and invited him along. He’d already had dinner, but that didn’t stop him from having the stellar perogies Seraphina made… and seconds after that. While waiting for dessert, he gave me a lovely back massage. (I love Pennsic!)

After dining with Michael, Liam, John Mcguire, and some others, Michael and I took a brief stroll. I showed him my camp; he showed me his. We also met Lorelei and filled her in on the plans for the evening.

On the way to the circle (Haakon’s, at Aethelmark), we stopped in at Howling Mouse for Michael to perform a few songs I didn’t know, but one (Of Cabbages) I desperately want to learn.

The circle itself varied. There were some mediocre performers and some masterful ones, including Gaared of Ealdormere and Fiana of Clare. Michael and Lorelei performed “Lament for Ogun,” and I was persuaded to perform as well. I did “The Boreal Army Muster.” I was well-received, despite my voice cracking on the high notes. Michael said I have good stage presence.

Then Michael, Lorelei, and I headed down into the Bog. All the venues Michael wanted to play were dead or horrifically noisy, so we wandered further afield. We played two venues. The first was unremarkable other than my realization that our audience considered me part of the group instead of my more proper place as groupie. Consequently I was actually expected to sound, y’know, good. With them. I tried, truly I did. I didn’t always work.

Our second venue was “Chez Argent,” encampment of Amalric, king of An Tir. No pressure there. So there I was, trying to pretend I knew songs I didn’t and not to mess up the ones I did. It worked out all right in the end. I lip-synched some of the songs while smiling at the audience, followed Lorelei’s hand gestures, and tried not to get in the way too much. In any event, the camp was pretty drunk when we started, which forgave us (me) many of our (my) mistakes. Line of the night, by Amalric: “I’m not in trouble: we’re the king!”

At about 1:30 I decided to leave. I’m sure everyone wanted me to stay longer, but I need to work in the morning (even if it is my vacation). On my way out, Amalric handed me a coin. I turns out this was, in fact, his coin, minted for his reign. Way cool. He also asked for volunteers to escort me up to my camp. Two of the group, Ellen and Michael (a different Michael), agreed to walk me and insisted on walking me all the way back to Sharkpit. No one was awake when we got here, and their booze is unfortunately not mine to offer. I was saddened I couldn’t offer them hospitality, but they didn’t seem to mind.

And now I’m back. I still feel very self-conscious, both for having performed at the Aethelmark circle and with Michael and Lorelei. I’ll have to find them at some point and see what they think.

Oh, and it looks like I’ll be performing at the Chiurgeon’s Benefit Concert on Saturday night — “Boreal Army Muster” and “The Not at Pennsic Blues.” Lorelei’s running it; it seemed like the thing to do.

So. Tomorrow I’m going to work in the morning. Beyond that, I don’t know. I’m sure there will be classes during the day and bardic at night. As always, I shall keep you updated. G’night!

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