Pennsic 2006 Diary: Thursday, August 10

291.17 +
35.00 — pouch
12.00 — mug
4.00 — Vagabond
= $342.17

early evening — Sharkpit

My, my! Has it really been a full day without an entry? How remiss of me! Well, I suppose I’ll start now.

This morning began (after Freya-breakfast) with work at the Pennsic Independent. I spent an hour or so editing nine pages of ads, and another hour or so writing an articles called “Beyond the Battlefield.” It wound up being about a page. Calvert seemed to like it, and so did Liam. Despite my jitters, things seem to be going well.

After that, I decided I needed a break from writing, so I wandered over to the Marauders to see if I could find Liam or Alethea. I didn’t, but instead found a few other interesting people. A short conversation later, I hooked up with some Sharkpit people and went down to the merchants.

Ishi and I met a Lochacian named Amon, for whom this is his first Pennsic. He’s a fun guy. I dragged them both over to the Vagabond, where we passed an enjoyable (and hilarious) few hours. Thence back to the merchants. I realize I’m starting to develop my own “Pennsic shuffle” (wherein it takes longer to go anywhere because of the random encounters with friends). We met, among others, Liam, who named Amon “Thursday.” Sad but true: you can apparently name days after who I’ve spent most time with.

I bought a new pouch (and serenaded the very flirtatious pouch merchant in the process) and a new mug. Yay for new things!

At Smoke and Fire, the very nice merchant showed me how to make fire using flint and steel. Way cool. I love Pennsic.

During the first-starting lesson, I ran into Lorelei, who was on her way to the Vagabond. Though I’d already spent time there, I decided to join her, because I wanted to talk. And talk we did — for over an hour. The Vagabond is good for that.

And then, with only a brief stop by the Marauders to see Alethea, I made my way back to Sharkpit. Duke Randal is here and officially on my hug list. Yay! Liam was also here and mentioned he liked my article. Can you say, “ego boost”?

I’m still not sure what I’m doing tonight. I think I will visit the Enchanted Ground circle. There are also Lucian’s circle in Carolingia and a circle at Northshield. I suppose I should also eat at some point. It won’t be too late a night since Calvert wants me at the Independent offices at 9. Ideally, I’ll also find Michael tonight, who has been scarce most of the day. Lorelei says he’s at a “captains’ dinner,” which means absolutely nothing to me.

Oh. I also got a piece of Bardicci silver today from Erwilliam, apparently the first he’s given out this War. I take an odd pride in this. I also met an alter-persona of Dunstable’s and Guiseppi, the “heir” to the Bardicci house — I’m sure there’s a story back there somewhere.

So that’s it for now. Camp has begun exploding again, which means there will be many more people to meet. For now, the sun is low on the horizon, and that means it’s time for food and song. TTFN.

late night — Sharkpit

Tonight was filled with somewhat higher caliber bardic than normal. After dinner at the Mauraders’ (and a back massage from John Mcguire), I went down to Enchanted Ground. Other than me, the four participants were:

  1. Duke Cariadoc
  2. Mistress Anne
  3. Mistress Fiana
  4. Brion

So… four master storytellers and ‘lil ol’ me. It was fun. I did a story I’d originally heard at a storytelling in Montreal; it seemed to go over well. After that, I just sat back and listened contentedly.

Then all the participants but Cardiadoc took our leave and chatted for a while. I listened to pearls of wisdom from people more experienced than myself and tried to absorb as much as I could.

Then Brion and I walked over to the Northshield circle. Ishi was there, arrived mere moments after me. I didn’t stay long, just long enough to perform “Serious Steel” and listen to a few more. Now I’m back in Sharkpit. There’s stuff happening here, but I think I’ll go to bed. The PI wants me at 9, I’m teaching at 11, there’s a PI staff meeting at 5, and a Wolgemut concert at 9 pm. Somewhere in there, I’ll probably be editing and possibly writing for the PI. So… busy day. I highly suspect I will not work for the PI again. But, at least for this year, I am.

Now… to bed.

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