Pennsic 2006 Diary: Friday, August 11

342.17 +
6.00 — dinner at Sharkpit
+1.00 — class notes
8.00 — Vagabond
= $355.17

morning — Quatrefoil

I don’t know why every morning my pillow is damp and my feet are cold. I am un-pleased. I tossed another blanket on the foot of the bed to deal with the latter problem, but I don’t know what to do about the former. On the other hand, I managed to perfectly inflate my bed last night. Yay!

Okay, breakfast time.

early afternoon — Sharkpit

They didn’t have anything for me at the Independent this morning, so I went back to Shark for a while until a 10 am class on garden folklore. The teacher more or less read from a handout, but it gave me the chance to reread my own notes before my class.

My own class went fantastically. I had about twice as many people as I expected: 35-40 people. I used up all my handouts and will need to photocopy more for next week (oh woes. Let me find the world’s smallest violin). It seemed very well received and my timing was good, so all is well. I are pleased.

I checked in at the Independent afterwards. Nicolaa (the editor-in-chief) arrived but is on a town run, so there was still nothing for me to do. Calvert wants me back around 2-3 pm. I think the Independent is rapidly turning into the type of time-organization I hate, when I don’t know when I’ll be working. I highly suspect I will not be working there again.

So, I meandered my way back to camp, after visiting Eleanor and Menkin and Freya. I also ran into Lorelei, though not Michael.

That’s it for now, then. I’ll stay in camp and bit, then head back downtown. Still not sure what I’m doing tonight, beyond dinner with the Sharks. TTFN.

about 4 pm — Inner Vagabond

In my wandering back downtown, I found Lorelei busking and followed her while she bought lunch. There, we met Guiseppi Bardicci, heir to the house of Bardicci and the man Liam has named “Friday.” I also met an extraordinarily hot performer named Samuel, part of the Tinker’s Clan. Really, really hot.

They didn’t have anything for me at the Independent, though I did get a chance to chat with Nicolaa. She assured me that things do fall into a rhythm, once things get rolling. Also, it seems like we’ll be picking our stories the night before, which means no more early morning runs to the “office.”

I wandered down to Michael’s camp to see if he was around, but the consensus seemed to be that he’d just come back and gone to his tent, maybe for a nap. Alas. At least on the way I met Honzo and Chiara, both newly arrived on site. I left a message with one of Michael’s campmates and made my way back to the Vagabond. Lorelei wasn’t there anymore, replaced by a more middle-eastern-sounding group, so I sat down alone. With a bit of luck, someone will come by to flirt or chat with me for an hour.

Now to try my food — a Perfumed Garden milk and a sweet called “majoun.”

On a completely different note, I think it is a physical impossibility to have clean feet at Pennsic.

about 5 pm — PI offices

So. I wound up attracting two men. The first, the middle eastern musician, was…. erm… a bit socially inept: lots of long awkward pauses. The second was a decent conversation partner, even if he wasn’t of the caliber of some of the men I’ve met at War.

And now I’m here waiting for the staff meeting to start. Blargh.

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