Pennsic 2006 Diary: Saturday, August 12

355.17 +
4.00 — Vagabond
4.00 — cobbler
= $363.17

morning — Sharkpit

A highly eventful evening and night. I left the PI offices in a foul mood. The staff meeting I thought was at 5 turned out to be at 6 instead, so (after finding this out at 5:30), I decided to just go back to Sharkpit for dinner. I met Lorelei on the way back, who told me I’d just missed Michael… again. I also met Dunstable and Alethea, who told me that someone from her camp had bought me a CD because she knew I wanted one of the songs on it. Yet, despite all these good things, I was still in a foul mood.

On the other hand, dinner (steak) was great. And, while I was relaxing after dinner, Michael showed up. Yay! We sat together and watched as some Shark women did belly-dancing.

After what seemed far too short a time (probably about an hour, though), we made our way back downtown. I went to the Independent editing session and he went to Chalkman, where he was performing in the bardic competition.

After about two hours at the Independent proof-reading ads, I realized there was only one or two fully laid-out pages, out of 11. It was 10:30 at night, and I didn’t want to stay. I asked to leave, they said sure, and off I went to Chalkman’s.

I eventually found Lorelei and Michael behind the pub in the musicians’ “green room.” In the end, they won the “Best Musical Quality” award and we hopped across the road to Howling Mouse. Lorelei went off with Luccia while Michael and I stayed behind.

Michael and I performed some songs until the circle broke up. We actually were complimented on our harmony, which I found very pleasing. We stayed until about 3:30 am. He invited me back to his camp and I agreed. There was a circle going on there. Dear gods, they’re good. I felt hopelessly outclassed. I sang along anyway (my curse: I must sing along if I know the song) and proceeded to get very tired.

At about 9, way too early, I woke up and staggered over to the Independent offices. I got my assignment, staggered to camp, ate breakfast, and took a shower (thank you for letting me use your hot-water shower, Sharkpit!). I’m still considering staggering back to bed for a few more hours of sleep, but it probably won’t happen. Stupid Independent…

I think I’ll have to talk to the people at the Independent. I hadn’t realized how much of my time it would eat. The only thing keeping me there is sheer stubbornness not to break my word. Ideally, I could just stop working there. Failing that, I’d like to seriously cut back: no early-morning call-ins, no late-night editing sessions. I’ll do my assignment today, then talk to them. Maybe I’ll find Liam and get his opinion first. I don’t want to be bitter on my vacation, but I don’t want to leave them hanging. We’ll see.

Anyway. I still haven’t read through today’s Independent. I’ll do that, then head out, I think. I’m still very, very tired. Something’s gotta give somewhere.

noon — Inner Vagabond

So I’m a little sleep-deprived. I’ve broken down crying twice since last I wrote, and it’s been less than two hours. But, and this is the important thing, the situation is being resolved. I spoke to Liam, and he reassured me that the paper will go on without me. He’s going to speak to them after lunch on my behalf, which is very sweet of him. I’ll do the one last article, and that will mostly be that. For the moment I’m getting some caffein (chai) and sitting down to write out some interview questions. I’m so sleep-deprived. Mmm…. chai.

Oh, and I finally found out who bought me the CD, a particular one of the Marauders. She knew I was on a budget, knew I liked the song (“Roland”), and knew she couldn’t perform it. So she bought a CD for me. So cool! I need to figure out something to do to thank her.

After I write the article, I may make my way back to Michael’s camp. Other than the Chiurgeon’s Benefit Concert and Midrealm bardic, I have no firm plans for the rest of the day. (Unlike tomorrow night, when I’m already quintuple-booked.)

late afternoon — Sharkpit

This has been a spectacularly fantastic afternoon for flirting. My ego is give miles high and still climbing. As I was going to Chiurgeon’s Point (to write the article), I met Guiseppi. We chatted a bit, but I needed to leave. He insisted I meet him after the interview. So, when it was over, I found him behind Erwillian’s booth. He said he had something for me, and sorted through a pile of Bardicci silver. As he picked one out for me, he frowned and said, “you don’t really want that.” “I don’t?” I asked. “Well,” he said, “you could either have that… or this.” And he pulled from behind him a red rose, and draped around it, a piece of Bardicci gold. Needless to say, that started off the afternoon on a stellar foot. He told me that the gold was insurance that I come to the low party, and I promised him I’d be there.

Then I went, wrote my article, and decided to see who was awake in the Bog. I somehow got myself completely lost, but in the end found Bardicci. Guiseppi (whom I’d come to see) wasn’t there, but Seamus was. I serenaded him and a new Bardicci with a few songs (“Maid on the Shore” and “Lady Isabelle and the Elf-Knight”) and then took my leave up Hangover Hill. Michael had just woken up, so I hung around for an hour or so chatting with him and his campmates. Life was good. Eventually I headed up the hill while he headed down. I stopped in at Havre des Glaces and Howling Mouse for… wait for it… more flirting!

As I hit the top of the hill, I ran into Kathen (in charge of Pennsic University). Then, at the Vagabond, I met Lorelei and Alethea, who told me that Liam had told Master Drix of Calontir Trim that I needed to perform “Boreal Army Muster” for him. (Yes, the SCA is the world’s biggest game of broken telephone.) So I went over, introduced myself, and performed.

Thence, back to camp, stopping to say hi to Erwillian. Yay more flirting. And now I’m back at camp with all the Sharks. Yay camp. Liam was here and told me there were no problems at the Independent with my resignation. Yay.

Now I’m looking for Chiara to make sure it’s okay for me to sing the Muster at the concert tonight. I also need to refresh myself on the lyrics to “The Not at Pennsic Blues.” I may try to catch a nap as well.

So that’s it for now. TTFN.

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