Pennsic 2006 Diary: Sunday, August 13

363.17 +
1.00 — photocopies
4.00 — lunch
9.00 — PI subscription
6.00 — supper
= $383.17

10:50 — AS4

Last night was lots of fun. My first-ever show (as opposed to competition or exhibition) went moderately well. I did two solo pieces — “The Not at Pennsic Blues” and the “Boreal Army Muster.” The first went well, the second (late in the night and somewhat impromptu) went less well. I learned 4 or 5 songs while I was onstage performing them. It was a learning experience.

Then I joined up with Michael at Hedgehog and Regnesfolke and watched him perform for a while. It was a good night.

Now I must teach. TTFN.

early afternoon — Sharkpit

So. Class went well. I used up all my handouts and had even more students who didn’t get any. I estimate I had over 30 students, which surprises me mightily. I will have to make extra handouts for any future Pennsic classes.

After class, I ran into Guiseppi and dragged him over to the Marauders for lunch. There, I found out that apparently the Mayor has completely abolished the chiurgeonate. Given that my article on the new EMS service came out today, I find the timing highly ironic.

And now I’m relaxing. My voice is a bit shot from my class and I think I might be a touch dehydrated. So I’m just sitting around now. At some point I should probably buy some cloak clasps, but it might not be today. I may nap.

Tonight won’t be a heavy bardic night, I don’t think. They only bardic venue I’m attending is Brion’s circle, and even that would only be one song.

Damn my restlessness. I know I should just sit and relax, but I want to move and do stuff. Le sigh. This sort of thing only happens at Pennsic. I love Pennsic.

mid-afternoon — Sharkpit

One mid-afternoon meander later, and I’m back at Sharkpit. I went down past Enchanted Ground, stopped in at Ajax’s, and made my way to Bardicci. I saw Guiseppi and met Leonardo, who has offered me his services as a masseur. I love Pennsic. Guiseppi gave me a tour around the Casa. I told him I’d be at the Casa before midnight tonight.

Then I hit the Sea Chameleon to see Michael. He was there but sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him, so I kept on going.

I stopped in to say hi to Fiana and found out the Enchanted Ground expedition will be at o’dark. I therefore might miss the Effenwealt concert. We’ll see.

That’s it for now. I think I may take a nap. TTFN.

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