Pennsic 2007 Diary: Wednesday, August 8

1.65 — postcards
13.00 — Independent subscription
16.00 — CDs
5.30 — Shut the Box
30.00 — Caera’s CDs
196.10 — CDs from Efenwealt
10.00 — t-shirt
4.00 — cobbler
21.00 — Morgana’s CD
= 297.05
+ 277.85
= 574.90

morning — Marauders

Long story short: uber-bardic night was rained out.

But who likes short stories?

So. Went down to de Londres, where the circle hadn’t yet started. I milled about for a bit until Alaric called everything to theoretical order. I was the first person to perform: “I Charged the Calontiri Army.” Gwen went right after me, but I think I held my own, thank-you-very-much. The circle went around in about an hour and I performed again: “The Derelict.” Just after I performed, Michael Kelly came up and said hi. He went off and I settled back to listen to Gwen. Despite her awesomeness, mother Gaia is yet more powerful: two verses before the end, the heavens opened and it began to pour… again. True, the sky had been doing pretty lightening shows all night, but we had been hoping there would be no rain. Nature had other plans. People scattered. I felt really bad for Gwen, so I waited until the end of the song and then ran for shelter.

I didn’t stay much longer at de Londres I thanked Alaric for the bottle of red raspberry mead he gave me for performing (yum!), utterly failed to find Michael again, and made my way back to camp. There, I dropped off the mead, grabbed my cloak, and walked in the rain — now a light drizzle — up to Northshield.

There, I found that the same thing that had happened at de Londres had happened at Northshield. There were precious few people left. And while I did a very well-received rendition of the “Boreal Army Muster” (so much that someone — Ingbar — asked me for lyrics), the circle was more-or-less dead.

I was on the verge of leaving (or at least trying to revive the circle) when we got word that another storm front was on its way, with huge winds and lots of rain. The sky was still doing pyrotechnics.

Northshield leapt into action to protect their main pavilion! Every man and every woman braced against a pole. The king directed his men in putting up the walls. Owen yelled out instructions. And then the camp held its breath… and then the squall struck. It was short but strong, and I feared for my own tent so far away. And then it was past, leaving only drizzle.

Maraha and I took our leave and he walked me part-way to Calontir. Unlike the other places, Calontir was in full swing and it was loud. I asked Dolan whether I could perform and he told me just to jump in: “there are two types of people: the quick and the silent.” So after the next song, I pushed my way in to perform “I Charged the Calontiri Army” to much laughter. Actually, my voice was quite strong for most of the night; I was well-pleased.

Got back to camp, tried and failed to reach Marc, poured some tea but didn’t drink it, and went to bed. There was standing water in my tent (of course), but the bed was okay. I crashed around 1:30 and only woke up around 7.

So far the sky looks moderately promising, but I’ve been told it’ll be on-and-off rain for the rest of War.

Now, time for breakfast.

later — same place

I have discovered a new addictive game: Shut the Box I must have a copy, my precious. Oh yes, I must have one. Next time, I think we’re planning on anteing with chocolate.

afternoon — Marauders

[Editor’s note: a received a call late in the morning essentially telling me about some troubling (though expected) events in my mundane life. Because of these events, I decided to leave Pennsic early. The next day, in fact.]

I’m sad that I’ll be leaving early, but most of what I wanted to do at Pennsic, I’ll have done by tonight. The timing isn’t horrific: if this had happened Wednesday of last week, I’d have been in a dilemma.

On the other hand, leaving tomorrow means that I’ve got all sorts of stuff to do today. I did all my CD shopping and, unless I buy 1 or 2 more tonight, will be going home with 17 new CDs. I will also be returning with a t-shirt, 4 new coifs (courtesy of John), and a medieval / Renaissance version of Shut the Box. I changed my money and sent some postcards, ate my last cobbler, and I’ve begun to say some good-byes.

I discovered the source of the ants in my tent today: left-over crumbs of chocolate from chocolate I had in my backpack about 6 months ago. Also, I discovered that my backpack is not, in fact, waterproof and everything in it (including my book and Independents) were wet. Ugh. On the other hand, it’s been hot enough that my stuff should be dried out by now. I’ll check later when I do some preliminary packing.

So. New plan for the rest of the day: say some goodbyes, eat some chilli, watch some performances (Caera, Teafort / Whiskey Bards, Heather and Friends), and maybe wander around midnight madness. Everything else is negotiable.

after dinner — performing arts pavilion

Sigh. Of course.

I’d finished a very nice chilli dinner and was playing with Joy when John (or was it Cynric?) looked up and said, “looks like we’re going to have rain.” Now, I was about a half-hour away from packing up my stuff. I was even considering putting it in the car tonight, so that I wouldn’t need to wait for it to dry off from the morning dew tomorrow. No sooner had he said this when there was a crack of thunder and the first droplets fell. So I grabbed Joy (or, rather, I didn’t even bother putting her down), rushed to my tent, and did the fastest job ever of tossing anything non-waterproof under my bed. As I was finishing up and about to head back to the main pavilion, the sky burst open in yet another deluge. Remember that I was still holding a 5-month-old baby. A 5-month-old baby getting increasingly scared and upset that she’s away from her mommy, in a leaky tent, with very loud rain on the roof. So she did what any sensible 5-month-old would do in such a situation, she started wailing. If I’d been alone, I would have just stayed on my bed and taken my chances. But, since Joy obviously wanted mommy, I snatched my cloak from the bed, draped it over us as best I could (read: not very well) and braved the downpour to get back to the main tent. Her mommy met us halfway with an umbrella and we hustled back to the main pavilion.

The pavilion was a hive of activity: people putting up walls, dumping water from corners, and all manner of other activities. And, just as we finished battening everything down through horrendous amounts of water, it stopped. It must have rained a grand total of 5 minutes.

I checked my tent: everything was dry or covered except my big cloak and the floor (and my small cloak, which I wore in the downpour). This does put something of a dent in my plans for packing, though, especially if the rain decides to come back. At the very least, my pack towel is getting wet again and I’m not taking down the tent tonight. On the other hand, my gear is dry, and for that I am very grateful. Though the inside of my left shoe is wet again, alas.

Anyway, there wasn’t anything else I could do at the moment, so I went to go listen to Caera. Also lucky: almost all my stuff fit into my trunk on the way down, which means I can do a really shoddy packing job tomorrow, fill up the back-seat, and not worry too much about everything fitting.

Anyway. Now to listen to performers.

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