Pennsic 2007 Diary: Tuesday, July 31

20.00 — troll
7.75 — sunscreen
= 27.75
+ 59.10
= 86.85

early afternoon — McGuire’s Marauders

Yay Pennsic! I arrived on-site about 45 minutes after leaving Meadville. I saw the tents along the highway and was positively giddy. I maintain that Tuesday morning is an awesome time to troll in — I was the only one in line.

It took a bit of time before we were able to set up my tent (some logistics needed to be figured out). I took advantage of the delay to visit the Sharks, say hi to Erwillian, and just general revel in the fact that I’m at War. I’m still in mundane clothes, but you can’t have everything.

Apparently my camp has a breakfast-and-dinner meal plan for $7. Yay for not buying food!

Okay, plan for the afternoon: finish American Gods, get into garb, check in at A&S point and Chiurgeon’s, and go wander. Tonight there will be stuff here in camp and maybe elsewhere as well. I’ll know more after I’ve wandered.

Ok, time for reading. TTFN!

mid-afternoon — same place

I have wandered. All is well.

More specifically, I did the tour of my favourite camps, gave and received hugs, and did a few logistical and administrative necessities. I’m amazed at how many people I know are already here. I ran into Michael Kelly, who is apparently taking it easy this War and playing in private camps. I’m sure we’ll see each other at some point.

On the other hand, I miss Marc. I know that, really, there’s not much for him to do here, but I’d love to be able to share it with him.

Now it’s quite warm, which is making everyone tired. I feel like going to the Vagabond, but not alone. Also, I don’t really want to walk anymore. Maybe later tonight.

o’dark — Harpwood Hall

I’m surrounded by a 6-person jam session: violins, guitars, drums, a hammer dulcimer, bagpipes, recorders (not all at the same time, mind you). I wish I could play like this. I really, really do. They make music that makes me wish I could make music like that.

I may need to leave before I get too jealous.

night — Hedgehog

I left after about an hour and a half because I was just getting too jealous. I got about two camps further before running into Michael Kelly performing at Hedgehog and was persuaded to join in for a while. Apparently we sound good in harmony. The Marauders will still be there later.

around midnight — Marauders

Back at home now. I was tempted to go back to the Harpwood jam session (where Efenwealt had shown up) but decided against it, since the audience was large and I couldn’t really pretend to be a performer with them anymore. So I trudged back up the hill to the Marauders’. There wasn’t too much happening, but I (mostly through force of will) began a small circle of 3 performers, mostly storytelling. There were many requests for “Beowulf,” which I happily provided.

I’m wondering if John is changing or asleep. Given that I just heard snores from his tent, I’m assuming the latter. Alas, it means I can’t call Marc tonight. Maybe tomorrow after Haakon’s circle.

I’m really, really fatigued, despite the relatively early hour. I suspect it’s from today’s heat. Also, my hair feels really dirty: heat, humidity, and coifs will do that. Perhaps I’ll wash it tomorrow.

Anyway. I think I should sleep. No doubt tomorrow my usual “it’s 5:30 am on the first day of Pennsic and I need to pee!” will strike, and I should rest before that. So… g’night!

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