Pennsic 2007 Diary: Wednesday, August 1

40.00 — camp fees
2.00 — bead-making class
4.00 — cobbler
80.00 — meal plan
= 126.00
+ 86.85
= 212.85

morning — Marauders

Just woke up. Or, rather, just got out of bed. Surprisingly, I didn’t wake up at 5:30, but rather around 7. It’s much warmer at night this year than last year — no shivering at all. Thank goodness I rarely get too hot due to excessive blankets, or I may even have overheated. On the down-side, my mattress is a fair bit softer this morning than it was last night. I don’t want to buy a new one, and it’s still comfortable (if not firm) in the morning, so I’ll probably just use the hand-pump every night.

The early-birds are up and beginning to cook. I can tell based on dinner last night (fajitas and chicken molé) that I won’t be losing any weight this War. On the other hand, the food is very, very tasty. As an added bonus, this morning Marian is making scones in addition to Seraphina’s regular breakfast. Yum! [Editor’s note: I didn’t lose any weight at Pennsic, on the other hand, I didn’t gain any, much to my surprise. I came home exactly the same weight I left, which shocked me mightily, given the extreme amount of food I ate during War.]

Okay, I should go see what I can do to help.

late morning — Marauders

I made beads! Specifically, I made glass beads! This is an addictive hobby. If I had money, I could see myself plunking down a whole lot of money on it. Erlan is hosting some open bead-making time tomorrow night, that I may need to hit.

I also saw Nikki for the first time this War. We are off to go torment Sharkpit. TTFN!

early afternoon — same place

I have wandered, and now I am back. Nikki and I hit some of my usual haunts in the merchant area, among them visiting Vince, Efenwealt, and John ap Wynne, and getting caught up on what Nikki has named the “Bardic Rumour Mill.” It’s an apt name, i suppose. The bards are scattered about Pennsic, but if there’s one thing we all like to do, it’s talk.

Came back here and got some Helpful Bardic Advice ™ from Caera (the camp harpist). Stole some camp leftovers (I suppose it’s not really stealing if they’re communal, but never mind), and they were tasty.

It’s very hot out, and very humid. I’m dressed in only my undertunic. It’s odd how I can feel more exposed in a full-length, long-sleeved tunic than I do in jeans and a t-shirt, which technically exposes more.

I’ve been debating whether or not to get a fruity cobbler. They have peach today. I really probably shouldn’t, and in this heat and humidity I’m not actually hungry. The only part of me saying “go eat it” is the part that remembers how tasty it is. Maybe later tonight, out of the heat of the day, when my appetite comes back. We’ll see.

Now, maybe I’ll take a shower and be clean… until I sweat through everything again. Hm… maybe not. We’ll see.

slightly later — same place

I feel human again. It’s amazing what a cold shower and clean tunic will do for comfort. And John bought us freezies! (Apparently in the US they’re called freezer pops.) Yummy!

Point of note: Lush soaps are not designed for Pennsic. The “this will last for 80 hair washes” shampoo bar (a lovely one, and I’m sure it works fine under normal circumstances) is going mushy and crumbly in my nylon tent. Oh well. I only wanted it for Pennsic, anyway. Otherwise, I feel great. I’m not moving for 4 hours, mind you. Sun too hot, will melt brain.

somewhat later, still afternoon — same place

People around me are talking about cell phones and computers. I can’t tell them not to, obviously, but it annoys me. I feel like wandering around, but it’s still bloody hot out and I don’t want to re-apply sunscreen to my newly-cleaned (but rapidly becoming sweaty again) body. Sigh. Two hours in the same place makes me fidgety.

late afternoon — Marauders

Two firsts this afternoon: 1. I received my first piece of Bardicci silver, and 2. I had my first fruity cobbler. So many calories, but so very tasty. In terms of the former, I got the coin because of my extensive (ha ha) Latin skills — essentially good enough to puzzle my way through a page of the Luttrell Psalter (a book with easy script and no abbreviations). Erwillian was impressed enough to give me a coin for my skill, and also maybe an advance payment for Latin services yet to be rendered. It seems my M.A. does have a use: who’d-a-thunk-it? So now I’ve got the silver piece I’m taking home; now I just need the pieces to get into the parties. 🙂 [Editor’s note: Casa Bardicci hosts two parties every Pennsic: a low party on the middle Sunday, and a high party on the last Thursday. To enter the former, you need a piece of silver minted by the Bardicci. To enter the later, you need two pieces.]

In completely different news, three hours after my shower and my feet are dirty and I’m all sweaty. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

after dinner — Marauders

A thoroughly enjoyable late afternoon. I met Michael Alewright in the merchant area, and together we wandered. We got a “hammer dulcimer 101” lesson from Vince, which was very informative and makes me appreciate the system behind the instrument. I accompanied Michael while he bought a gorgeous 1860s book of ballads and chatted with the merchant who sold it. Then we headed over to de Londres, where Michael is apparently good friends with Alaric, who runs the circle. I got my invite to the circle and we got to sample 4 very tasty meads to boot. Yum!

Then back here, Michael in tow, for a tasty meal of fish accompanied by potato-corn-and-meat soup. It’s been a good day for food.

Just as we were finishing, a woman came up to camp with the shout of “will do dishes for food.” She’s a member of the mendicant order and quite friendly. And, in fact, is keeping a log of where’s she’s eaten and how she liked it. We get a rating of “yum!”, with which I heartily agree.

So now it’s time to relax until calling Marc and then going across the street to the circle, assuming the circle is happening across the street. If not, it may happen here. Who knows? We’ve got chocolate!

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