Pennsic 2007 Diary: Thursday, August 2

8.00 — calligraphy class
3.00 — phone charging
35.00 — CDs
5.00 — linen for coifs
= 51.00
+ 212.85
= 263.85

morning — Marauders

Yesterday night was fun. Haakon’s circle ended moderately early, as these things go, but everyone who wanted to perform, did. There were some excellent performances, too, including a song by Dolan (“Strike the Drums”) I absolutely must learn. I performed a very well-received rendition of “I Charged the Calontiri Army,” so well-received that I was given a bracelet (well, armband on me) by Fiona the Prepared. Huzzah for that.

After that, the evening was something of a denouement. I dragged a bunch of people back here with the promise of audiences and chocolate, only to find everyone had gone to bed. We went down to Howling Mouse and wound up getting into a small pun war, but my heart wasn’t in it. I came back up the hill.

I went to bed, the dampness like a clammy handshake over my whole body. It was unpleasant. Then this morning I had the experience I’d expected yesterday: 4:50 and my body said, “you, porto-potty, now!” There was no arguing, so I went. Came back, got another 2 hours of sleep, and now I’m awake again. Breakfast is waffles and strawberries — what am I waiting for?!?

late morning — Sharkpit

I have chai. It’s bloody hot out and I may have burned two knuckles in the receiving of it, but the chai’s the important thing. Eleanor is awesome.

I also took a class this morning: calligraphy 101. So I can now officially calligraph — very, very badly. But it’s a start. I’ve also now got some ink and a calligraphy pen. Yes, I know Mom has all sorts of calligraphy stuff, but I learn best by doing, and I know how to use the stuff from the class this morning.

I have no idea what I’m doing for the rest of the day. There aren’t really any classes I want to hit, and it’s shaping up to be too hot to go shopping. Even tonight, there’s a sit-down dinner at camp, but nothing after that as far as I know. I’m sure I’ll find something (if you’re bored at Pennsic, it’s your own damn fault), but I have no idea what… yet. For now, I’m relaxing with chai, which is a fine way to pass some time.

Speaking of shopping, it was very weird wandering around the merchant area yesterday. I’m not sure whether it was the heat or my own temperament, but nothing was calling to me (other than CDs, but we knew that). Usually, I have lots of “stuff lust,” lots of items tend to jump off the shelves and ask me to buy them. This year, almost nothing. Sure, there’s lots of stuff I’d like or that could be nfity to own, and if I had lots and lots of money (like my first Pennsic), I’m sure I’d find lots of stuff to buy. Probably mostly clothes. But with my moderately limited budget (I estimate I’ll have $300 or so of spending money), I don’t really feel much need to go out shopping. I may do a first run of CDs today, but that’s about it. I don’t plan on buying presents, and I’ve got most of my own gear already (there’s always more I could get, but what I have is sufficient). Big-ticket items like full sets of garb, furniture, or tents are simply too expensive or cumbersome.

So… yeah. It’s been an odd shopping experience.

Dear God, it’s hot. So very, very hot, and it’s not even noon yet. I have finished my chai (yum!) but I don’t want to move.

early afternoon — Marauders

Oddly enough, I wish I had my Latin dictionary. Erwillian has a Luttrell Psalter, which I read 2 pages of yesterday. Or, rather, I struggled to read 2 pages of. Today I came back and saw it was opened to a different page, and struggled to read those. I actually went through 6 pages, and Erwillian and Maggie seemed entertained by my attempt at translation. I feel incredibly rusty, but they claim it sounds good to them. I just wish I had my dictionary.

So now every day when I go over there, they’re going to open the book to a new page and I’ll give a reading. It seems period and it’s fun to boot. Erwillian also bought me a vanilla slushie, and it is muchly tasty in the heat of the day.

Interestingly enough, the Psalter pages we’re reading are actually still relevant. It’s full of practical advice for living, and while it’s more religious and Christian than I believe, the core message is still eminently practical. Amazing how that works.

after dinner — Marauders

My goodness, it’s been an eventful afternoon and evening. I went wandering with John McGuire to the merchants’ area. Among other things, I picked out two CDs, ran into more than a few bardic friends, and bought some linen. The linen, specifically, was to make me some coifs. More specifically, John agreed to make the coifs for me, because he is awesome.

We got back to camp, and I had a glancing blow from heat and humidity: very much fatigue. But I drank water and ate pecans while John sewed (almost in their entirety) four coifs for me. Have I mentioned he’s awesome?

Then was dinner. Sit-down dinner in two seatings, and wow was I full by the end of it. Between seatings, I performed “The Feast Song” by Ken Theriot, to which people laughed at all the appropriate places, so all was well. I helped serve the second, much larger seating. After that, I had a request to perform “The Feast Song” again, which I happily did. I got many compliments, one or two requests for lyrics, and I was well pleased.

Then I did dishes. I like doing dishes after feasts. I also found out a lead for a potential new bardic venue, which always pleases me.

I have also made a treasure necklace of my Bardicci gold and my bardic tokens. I need to find a better string for it, mind you. It is pretty, and I like it. Hopefully it will grow.

It turns out there was an accident on the I-79 just next to Pennsic. They had med-evac helicopters and everything. All our EMS people are over there, too.

I have no plans for tonight. I’ve got a few leads, and will probably just wander until I find something interesting.

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