Pennsic 2007 Diary: Friday, August 3

+8.00 — class handouts
3.00 — flashlight
= +5.00
+ 263.85
= 258.85

morning — Marauders

Plans last night turned into “wander with Cynric (pronounced Kenrick) in search of bardic.” After several darkened camps, we made our way to Harpwood Hall, where we encountered Garraed, Vince, and Simonetta. So we sat ourselves down and settled in. Unfortunately, the humidity was playing havoc with all of us: we were all congested and yucky-feeling. Garraed hacked up a lung. Despite that, we did some light bardic and chatted a lot, and it was great. Simonetta did a great song called “Fruit of the Yew,” which I really want to learn. Otherwise, it was a very chill evening. Around midnight, Eleanor arrived, and after a few minutes of greetings, the rest of us bade adieu and left the couple alone. (Note: only in the SCA will a husband and wife, after nearly a week without seeing each other, find themselves debating about kennings within 5 minutes of their reunion. Or, as someone said last night, “your laurel is showing.”)

I went to bed around 1 am, woke up, had breakfast, and now I must be off to class. Bye!

late morning — Marauders

My class went really well. I didn’t count precisely, but I think I had about 30 students, and they were all interested. I love teaching for SCA audiences. There were a fair amount of ambient distracting noises, but I ploughed through them and was even complimented afterwards for doing so. My timing was pretty on, my voice held out, the audience was engaged… it was all I could hope for.

It’s getting on the hot part of the day. I suppose I should go say hi to people before afternoon heat hits. Also, I should take off the wool overtunic I just remembered I was wearing.

mid-afternoon — Casa Bardicci

After a fairly relaxed (and thankfully cooler than the last few days) afternoon, I decided to go walkabout. I met Duke Cariadoc and his wife, who arrived today, and told them about Fiana’s party. Then I came down here to Bardicci. It turns out it’s good I did: they’re in the process of hosting a tea in honour of Oma, a great Norse matriarchal queen who cannot be at Pennsic for the first time. The tea, therefore, is in her honour. Unfortunately for the Bardicci, their musicians apparently bailed on them. Fortunately, I’m around and always happy to perform. Who knows, there may be some silver or gold in this for me.

Speaking of Bardicci, Erwillian was telling me stories about Domenico of Tiger-Shark, who stole the chest of coins two years ago, and the subsequent… eventfulness that happened to him. In short, my bardic brain got working, and this may be my next piece. It’s not a real Pennsic until I’ve composed something.

Now I’m just waiting for Seamus to get dressed so we can head over to the tea. I feel somewhat underdressed in only my undertunic, but Seamus assures me I look fine.

late afternoon — Marauders

What a great afternoon! I did in fact perform at the tea (held at Camp of the Seven Leaves). Among the other members of the 15-person audience was none other than Linda Cooper. She said she really liked my performance (she stayed for 3 of my 7 songs) and especially liked the “Not at Pennsic Blues.” She actually asked that I record it and send it to the Coopers. She also asked me to attend the de Londres circle of Tuesday. Yay! Actually, she’s a very sweet lady. I gave her the glass bead I made at the class yesterday because she was admiring it. It felt good to give it to her; it seemed appropriate. Also, I not have a standing invitation to House Seven Leaves. Yay!

Oh, also, I got a new Bardicci token: a silver performers’ pendant. It’s a smaller version of the gold coin, and in silver, but it works to let me in to the parties, which is good. That’s not to say I won’t still try to get myself a gold token, but this is a very nice start.

Oddly, I don’t think I’ve seen any other bardic people (by which I mean the people who tend to go to bardic circles and perform, or people on the pbardic list) today except for Rufina, Fiana, and Cariadoc, which is practically nothing. It’s very odd.

And now the camp apparently has hammocks. Not that I can really sleep in hammocks, but they’re nice to have.

All things considered, a very good day so far.

after dinner — same place

I have showered, dined (perogies and hunter’s stew), and brushed my teeth. I feel wonderful.

Arkel is hosting a Shabbat service in about an hour. I’d rather be out wandering, but technically there aren’t all that many places to wander to at this time of night, or rather, this early in the evening. So I’ve got an hour to kill. I may go to the merchants’ area.

Point of note: around 7:30-8 pm today, it was the absolute perfect temperature in my tent.

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