Pennsic 2007 Diary: Saturday, August 4

5.00 — lunch
1.00 — Independent
5.00 — Vagabond
= 11.00
+ 258.85
= 269.85

morning — Marauders

We have a baby in camp! A 5-month-old baby girl named Joy. She’s so cute! I suspect I’ll be spending a great deal of time with her. Squee!

Ok, enough squealing. To return to our narrative…

The Shabbat service was… nice, I suppose. Simple, for the most part, until inevitability descended: when you’ve got a group of practising Jews gathered together in one place, sooner or later they’re going to start discussing Jewish theology. And we did. Sad to say, my heart wasn’t in it, and all I was thinking was, “I want to go out to the party.” We wound up talking for around a half-hour before the group broke up and I took my leave. Sean, who ran the service, invited us all to Shabbat lunch. Arkel is trying very hard to get me to go, but I’m not really sure I want to. In fact, I’m fairly certain I don’t, but we’ll see.

Anyway. The service ended and I headed over to the combined party celebrating Fiana’s graduation and Morgana’s elevation to the Pelican (which she got last year at Pennsic). We spent a long time schmoozing until we finally settled down to some actual bardicking around 11-ish. It was a mid-sized circle, about 20 people, and it went around about once and a quarter before I decided I was cold and tired and it was bedtime. I performed twice: “Of Cabbages” (because Maraha had never heart it) and “I Met a Bard Upon a Moonstruck Night” (because the guy before me — Dolan — had done an awesome song and I didn’t want to follow it with another song). The latter was better received than the former, but both were fun. And, despite only being at one circle last night, I still consider it a successful evening.

I got back to camp, borrowed John’s phone to call Marc and babble at him with all my Pennsic stories.

So. Plans for today. There are many classes, though none that are must-attends. Possibly the Shabbat lunch in the early afternoon. There’s a “no peers allowed” circle around 5 and tea and scones back at camp at 4. I don’t know of any circles tonight, but I may discover some or hit Enchanted Ground. And at some point I want to write my poem for the Bardicci. In other words, it’ll be a busy day. Onwards to it!

later morning — same place

Trying to compose poetry while bagpipes and drummers are practising in the background — and not always well — is making me want to scream. Every time I think I have a line, I hear the ear-splitting sounds of bagpipes played out of tune from each other or at 3 separate rhythms. It’s driving all the thoughts out of my head. I want to kill something.

just after last writing — same place

Point of note: when looking for sympathy, make sure you ask the right people. The answer to my rant of, “can I please kill them?” should not be, “no, you can move.” I wanted sympathy, not well-intentioned reasoning. Damn it, I’m so close to being done! Why can’t they [Editor’s note: the performers, that is] just shut up?!?

shortly after — food court

Done. That was probably the most frustrating poem I’ve ever written. I need to calm down. But at least it’s done. I refuse to look at it for at least an hour.

shortly after — Marauders

It’s amazing how therapeutic it is to play with a baby for 10 minutes, especially when they’re being good. I’m feeling much better.

mid-afternoon — Marauders

Back to happy. I looked at the poem a while after I wrote it, and I do in fact like it. I performed it for the camp and for Erwillian, and it seems to be a hit. I’ll try it at the no-peers circle later today.

Otherwise, things have been pretty relaxed. I wandered a bit, ran into Michael Kelly and Grim (separately) and swung by the Casa. I also broke my rule for this War and bought lunch, because I didn’t feel like scavenging for leftovers.

A quote: “we have hot and cold running decadence.”

I haven’t actually read the Independent yet today; I will at some point. But now, there are scones. Mmm… scones…

just before dinner — Marauders

The “no peers allowed” circle was lots of fun: there were 7 of us, but I only knew Grim and Maraha. It started off fairly serious and then degenerated into silly and bawdy. It was fun. Plus I got to have Vagabond drinkage, which is always good.

Now the King and Queen of Ansteorra’s arrival is imminent, and so is dinner. Time to stop writing.

after dinner — same place

There are, on the other hand, some advantages to being down the street from the Performing Arts Pavilion: lots of seating and quite decent acoustics for the Wolgemut concert currently in progress. I can only assume that whoever was practising this morning was not, in fact, Wolgemut.

It’s that lovely time of the evening when the weather is just perfect. If all Pennsic could have weather just like this, I’d be happy.

Point of note: the official welcoming line of McGuire’s Marauders: “D’ja eat yet?”

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