Pennsic 2007 Diary: Sunday, August 5

2.00 — Independent
6.00 — lunch
8.00 — Vagabond
2.00 — i Sebastiani
= 18.00
+ 269.85
= 287.85

morning — Marauders

(Begin excited squealing:) I’ve got a silver armband! I’ve got a silver armband! I’ve got a silver armband from Cariadoc! Woot! I’m so very, very, very excited!

Okay, breathe. Calm down to normal levels of energy. In. Out. In. Out. Whew.

I’ve got a silver armband!

You see, last night there were no big circles, so those bards who tend to visit Enchanted Ground all decided to do it last night: Fiana, Dorigen, Anne, Maraha, Naga, Yohan, and a few others. I think we were about 12 around the circle. I decided to perform “The Tale of Reprobus,” which had been my plan since I wrote it in December. It went as well as I’d hoped: my voice was clear, my timing was good, and I could tell people were engaged. I saw a few glimmers of recognition as I recited the story, and a few nods and smiles (among them from Caridoc) when I revealed the story was about St. Christopher. There were murmurs of appreciation, and then Cariadoc tossed me a silver bracelet. Squee! I admit I don’t remember much of the tale or two after mine, I was that excited.

[Editor’s note: Getting a silver armband from Cariadoc is kind-of the bardic equivalent of winning Crown Tournament. It doesn’t happen often, and it means Cariadoc was really impressed with your performance.]

The circle was excellent, as always. The main theme of the evening seemed to be tales of religion or conversion or miracles, followed later in the evening by fables involving animals. I only did my one pieces, but it was enough.

The circle broke just after midnight and Naga walked me home. Whereupon I called Marc and shared my excitement.

And now it’s morning again. It’ll be a long, full day, but it should be fun. If it’s not raining tonight, I’ll bring out my wench garb. It’s supposed to be blissfully cool today: 77F (25C), but it may rain. I can live with that.

So. Time to get dressed and get to it, then. Bye!

afternoon — Marauders

We’ve got rain. Lots of rain. I checked out my tent: apparently I’ve got one small leak that’s rolling down the mesh part of my tent… right on top of my pillow. Thankfully, I was smart this year and have a garbage bag draped over my pillow so it doesn’t get wet. Yay for advance planning! On the other hand, if it’s still raining when I go to bed, things may get interesting. Ideally, the rain will stop before that. Otherwise, I’ll need to move my bed. It shouldn’t be too hard, only annoying.

Before the rain, it was a pretty good day. It was nice and cool, which let me go out walking without suffering the obnoxious heat of the day. I gave Cariadoc my embroidered Enchanted Ground medallion I’d meant to give him last night, performed my new piece for Seamus and a few other Bardicci, and gave hugs to Dirk. I bought lunch for the second day in a row because I couldn’t find leftovers worth stealing. Cariadoc also came up to our camp to talk to other people here, but I got to take advantage of his presence. I suspect he knows me by face but not by name. But I’ve got his armband — ha ha!

I also went to a class on relics and reliquaries, which approached the topic from a completely different direction from my class. Interesting class. Well-presented.

Now I’ve got about 3 hours before there’s anything I want to do. I don’t really want to wander in the rain. It looks like Liam’s got food poisoning, so there’s no wedding party tonight. I’ll have to perform their wedding poem at another time. If it keeps raining, I won’t switch into wench garb later, as it’s much colder in the rain than my normal garb. I’ll probably hit the Bardicci, but I don’t know if Brion’s circle will be happening in the rain. I really hope it’s not still raining when I go to bed.

I have no idea what I’m doing for the next 3 hours.

slightly afterwards — same place

John bought me a book! A leather-bound, brown book, blank, which I think I’m going to use as my new bardic book. It’s 8 gathers of 12 pages each, which gives me nearly 200 pages of write-able paper. Yay!

later afternoon — Marauders

I spent the last few hours with Alethea and Caera at Your Inner Vagabond drinking hot beverages and chatting. I tried a new drink, which I believe is called a Sahlep — it tastes like hot, drinkable French Vanilla ice cream. Very, very yummy.

Efenwealt’s concert starts in a half-hour. Later is the Low Party at Bardicci and other stuff. The rain has stopped, at least for the moment, but it’s still very muggy. Oh rain, you were supposed to get rid of the humidity, not cause more!

Wearing a heavy armband is taking some getting used to, but I shall prevail. If nothing else, I want to be able to gloat.

Now to Efenwealt.

late night — Marauders

Efenwealt amazes me in his ability to make people laugh. He can take an entire audience of people, probably 80% of whom know all his songs, and still have them all rolling with laughter. Partly it’s the facial expressions, partly it’s the phrasing, and partly (I think) it’s a skill so practised it looks completely effortless. Needless to say, I had a great time.

After dinner, Dolan came over to teach me two songs: “Fruit of the Yew” and “Strike the Drums.” Partly through this, Fiana showed up and the three of us started talking “shop” (if you can really call bardic “shop”).

Fiana convinced me to go watch i Sebastiani, “the greatest commedia del arte troupe in the entire world,” and they very well may be. They were hilariously funny, and I’m so glad I went. It was a tale of two sets of star-crossed lovers in Ravenna, along with some other colourful characters. There was a whole lot of people crying out, “nooooooo….” and it worked.

Afterwards I stole one of John’s umbrellas and trudged down (in the rain) to Casa Bardicci for the low party. It was raucous. It was bawdy. It was a great deal of fun. Captain Billy Bone-cracker (not, I hasten to clarify, Erwillian, but one of his alter-personae) picked me out to perform for the assembled rabble, so I did. I warmed them up with “Devilish Mary” and followed it up with my as-yet-untitled piece about the Bardicci. [Editor’s note: I have since named it “A Warning to Thieves.”] As I finished performing, one lord gave me a silver piece and Captain Billy slipped me a gold (very pretty) finger-ring. It’s been a good 24 hours for gifts.

Shortly before midnight it stopped raining, and I hope it stays not-raining until at least tomorrow morning, preferably until the end of War.

I spoke too soon. It is now raining again. I shouldn’t have written the last sentence of the previous paragraph. I really hope my tent isn’t leaking. If it is, I’ll be really pissed. Apparently it’s going to be off-and-on raining until about 6 am.

G’night… I think.

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