Pennsic 2007 Diary: Monday, August 6

+15.00 — class handouts
1.00 — Independent
2.00 — ice cream
= +12.00
+ 287.85
= 275.85

late morning — Marauders

I woke up this morning in a foul mood. A combination of sleep deprivation (I went to bed around 3), shame at keeping people awake (a phone call at 2:30 — the cause of the late bedtime), hormones, and water in my tent meant that I was very unhappy. Fortunately, all my gear was protected and I manoeuvred my bed out of the drips, but I was still emotionally raw.

I managed to pull myself together and teach my class, which was well-attended and actually a lot of fun. Between the two classes, I had about 55 students and made back all the money I spent on photocopies. Yay!

My phone is charging (it cut out 15 minutes into my conversation last night) and I’m now waiting for Morgana’s storytelling class, which is in 20 minutes. There are actually a lot of classes I want to take today; we’ll see how many I get to.

Thankfully, I don’t think there are any big circles tonight, so I may just take it easy. It was still on-and-off raining a little while ago, and it’s very hot and muggy. I should probably take off my wool tunic.

Now a baby is playing with my Cariadoc bracelet. There are worse uses. My bardic “stuff” necklace has been re-strung, and I drilled a bigger hole through the amber bead (my fingers are sore, but it was worth it).

I really should wash my hair: it feels really icky. But I’ll hold off until it’s less muggy and sweaty out. Also at some point, I should wash my shoes, but there’s no point if it’s still muddy out.

mid-afternoon — waiting for class

It’s been a chill day so far. I took a class on storytelling, which was supposed to be hosted by Morgana. Unfortunately, she’s in the hospital (she’s ok, I think), so Naga ran the class. Brion and Michael Alewright also showed up and critiqued a story I did. I really would like to get more into storytelling, as opposed to telling stories through poetry.

Otherwise, I haven’t wandered too far afield. I visited Erwilian, but that’s about it. It’s just too hot and muggy. Wandering can wait until it’s cooler out. Maybe if Liam and Alethea are both around I’ll perform my wedding poem for them.

Now I’m just waiting for the A&S Ministers’ meeting to start. I still have no idea what I’m doing tonight: there are no big circles, so I may head over to Enchanted Ground, Hedgehog (ie: find Michael), or just hunt around until I find people. Maybe Harpwood Hall will have something.

Ooh! It looks like there’s food at this meeting! Yay!

after dinner — Marauders

This afternoon, I had a bad hour. I sort-of broke down, crying for no really good reason. I blame hormones. In any case, it wasn’t pretty.

But I pulled myself together, had dinner (tacos and chicken mole), and felt much better. I performed the wedding poem for Liam and Alethea, and it was very gratifying to watch them both blushing. I took a shower after dinner, and now I’m feeling nearly mentally balanced.

Apparently we’re having s’mores and bardic here tonight, so now I’ve got something to do. I think I’ll try to take a walk first and at least get some movement in to compensate for the excessive amounts of chocolate and sugar I’ve consumed today. I’m going to need to really start doing some exercise again once I get home.

So now, to dress and walkabout. Later, bardic.

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