Pennsic 2007 Diary: Tuesday, August 7

2.00 — Independent
= 2.00
+ 275.85
= 277.85

morning — Marauders

Evening was fairly chill. I did a brief wander around the Bog, including a stop at Bardicci and a chance encounter with Steve, who told me I should come by Seven Leaves today to perform my new poem.

Otherwise, I came back to camp to do a few hours of bardic. The theme seemed to be slow, pretty, and faery. We did a few rounds — not all of them in English — which sounded really pretty. I nearly ran through my repertoire of appropriate songs, but it was very relaxed and easygoing.

Got to bed around 1:30, woke up at 8:00. A decadent 6 1/2 hours of sleep in a row without interruption. Glorious!

Other good news this morning: I found my Bardicci ring I thought I’d lost last night. Yay!

Now the sky is completely overcast and it is very muggy. I’m hoping it clears up before tonight. It’ll be a busy day: Bardic Swap Meet, Boreal Master Symposium, De Londres circle, Northshield circle, and Bjorn’s bawdy bardic. I also promised Steve I’d come down to his neck of the woods at some point today.

I’ve been less active this year in terms of circle-hopping than previous years. I don’t think I’ve been to more than 2 circles a night all War, and usually it’s been one. Very, very odd for me. I suspect it may just be the heat during the day causing me to get tired earlier than normal. Last year I’d be out at 2:30 and still not tired. This year, I’m ready for bed at midnight. Stupid weather.

Also, I’ve been far less flirty this War; even far less huggy. I have no idea why. Probably because I’ve got a boyfriend.

The weather is predicted to be thunder-showers with a high of 32 (Celcius) and a low of 20. So: hot, muggy, and wet. I may just not wear my newly-washed shoes. Easier to wash my feet than my shoes.

Anyway, it is time to read the Independent, which arrived while I was writing.

late morning — Marauders

Rain. Again. Apparently we’re going to have really wonky weather for at least the next 3 hours. According to the weather websites people have been checking, there are chances of thunder-storms for the rest of the week until Saturday. I hope the week is dry, but I would definitely want my tent to be dry when I pack up.

I want something hot and sweet to eat or drink. Seraphina’s got soup on the burner, which is awesome, but not sweet. Unfortunately, the Vagabond is a moderate walk away, in the rain, and I need to be back here by 1 pm for the Swap Meet. So… I don’t know.

My heat rash seems to be annoyingly back. I’m not worried: it’ll go away after Pennsic, and I don’t wear anything that would reveal it, but still. Annoying.

I don’t know what I’m doing for the next hour and a half before the Swap Meet, other than avoid my tent and the outside as much as possible. I hope the rain is over for the bardic circles tonight, otherwise I don’t know where we’ll sit. I’ll try to get out to de Londres regardless.

… Rain. Please stop, rain. I want just one day (well, how about 6) of really awesome Pennsic weather: sunny and dry in the day, not too hot, and not too cold at night. Surely that’s not too much to ask for?

On the other hand, I am very, very happy to have a communal pavilion to use, which is dry and spacious. This weather would be hellish if I had to stay in my leaky tent.

about an hour later — same place

Correction: the word I was looking for before was “downpour.”

shortly after — same place

Oh yeah, and the dry communal tent isn’t quite so dry no more.

slightly after 3 pm — Boreal Master Symposium

The Bardic Swap Meet was lots of fun — about a dozen bards and much fun. I got a very good reception to “Beowulf” despite not having my book. There was just enough time for everyone to perform before time was up. I need to learn Dorigen’s “The Bard and the Innkeeper,” which Fiana performed.

It stopped raining at some point while the Swap Meet was going on. So, after it was done, I decided to brave my tent and take stock of the damages. Things could have been far worse: there was water on the bed (but thankfully not the pillow, just the section with 4+ layers of wool and fleece), some of the coifs in my duffle bag were damp (foolish of me; I should have put a garbage bag over it. The situation has been rectified.) Also, most of the floor in my tent was standing water. The sheepskin was wet, but it can dry.

I love my Packtowel. I used it to sop up the water on the floor, rung it out, and repeated — four times. I love microfibres. Not period, but so very useful.

Now, to listen to papers given to the Boreal Master Symposium.

after dinner — Marauders

It has been a hot and muggy afternoon. After the Boreal Master Symposium I headed down to the Bog to perform for Seven Leaves and spend some time chatting with Seamus at Bardicci. On my way back, I caught the last hour of Efenwealt’s concert and met Dunstan Leheryngmongere. We may be getting together at some point this War to swap bardic stuff and so I can help him with his French pronunciation.

Came back to camp very tired (probably mild heat exhaustion and dehydration) and headachy. While I was getting an advil, I discovered a colony of small ants are living in my tent. This displeases me. Anyway, I drank 4 mugs of water and had some dinner. I’m starting to feel better. Well, except for my hair, which is yucky again after a day of humidity.

Someone came up to me just before dinner, when I was still tired and out of it, and said, “you’ve had a full day.” The thing is, my night is shaping up to be even fuller. So far I know of at least 5 circles (de Londres, Northshield, Bjorn’s bawdy, Calontir, and Atlantia), of which I want to go to at least the first two. I should be out late-ish tonight. Sooner or later, I’ll start moving, I’m sure.

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