Pennsic 2008 Diary

Pennsic 2008 Diary

Pennsic 37: Further Adventures of the Pocket Bard

Another year, another War (or, in this case, Peace, since His Majesty of the East conceded all war points to the Midrealm). Another chance to spend two weeks doing what I love best… bardic!

As in past years, I’m including my spending and near-complete text of my journal, all 14,000 words of it! If you have a livejournal and would like to stay in touch that way, click on over to my livejournal and friend me. Please let me know who you are, though, as I tend not to friend back people I haven’t met in person.

Monday, July 28

CAD 2.50 — tolls
1.00 — tolls
34.10 — gas
15.00 — supper
1.60 — tea
10.00 — phone card
= CAD $2.50; US $61.70

9:10 pm — Days Inn, Meadville, PA

Yes, Meadville yet again. We hit the highway around 9:15 this morning and reached Meadville around 7:30. Admittedly, we made a few more stops than I would ideally have liked (mostly my fault), but they were all at least short stops. I was feeling very tired and headachy in the midafternoon, but that lifted around 5 or 6 o’clock, so at least the end of the drive was pleasant. No major hangups at the border, either, which is always nice.

Yet again I’m travelling with a passenger, Jeanne. It was kind-of an 11th hour decision, but it appears to be all working out. We did a masterful job of packing: everything is completely flat and just below my rear window. Yay for visibility! Her roof rack fit on my car, the better to allow her tent poles to fit atop it. Thankfully, she knows how to secure them because I’ve never really done that sort of thing before.

Yet again, even remembering the American penchant for over-large serving sizes, I misjudged. Jeanne and I had dinner at Perkins, and we both ordered the grilled tilapia. I kid you not: we could have split 1 portion and had enough for leftovers tomorrow. Obviously, neither of us finished our meal. We did share a piece of very tasty wildberry mousse cake for dessert, though.

This year, I’m trying something a bit different: I bought an international phone card to call back to Canada. Yes, I’ll probably need to wait in line for the pay phones and pay an extra fee, but it will still (hopefully) be cheaper than trying to use my cell with roaming charges. [Editor’s note: I never actually used the phone card. I always felt too lazy to walk to the pay phones, and opted for short conversations on my cell when calling home to Montreal.]

Otherwise, things have been pretty relaxed. The drive was, on the whole, uneventful. We drove through a few short showers, but the weather has so far been co-operating. Hopefully, it will continue to do so.

Now I’m just going to spend one last night relaxing in air-conditioned, electric-lit (albeit chlorine-smelling) surrounding before hitting the uncontrolled climate of Pennsic. I’ve got a busy War planned, teaching 3 classes, hosting a bardic song swap, retaining for Her Highness for three shifts… and that’s just the stuff I’m officially scheduled for! [Editor’s note: my dear friend and house-sister, Alethea Eastriding, was Princess of the East Kingdom during Pennsic, and I agreed to retain for her.] Beyond that, I’ve got bardic circles, classes to attend, gifts to buy, and people to hug. Should be fun, as always. And when I get home, I’ll have the pleasure of knowing there will be only 11 days until Marc gets home as well. Yay!

Okay, that’s it for now. Time to shower, read, and get a good night’s sleep. I suspect I’ll need it.

Forward to Tuesday, July 29


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