Pennsic 2008 Diary: Wednesday, August 6

656.98 +
66.90 — shopping (me)
1.06 — shopping (gifts)
3.00 — snack
6.00 — lunch
= $733.94

morning — Marauders

I did a bit of shopping (well, window-shopping) just after dinner last night because I wanted to check out the Pillaged Village. I poked my head in and was treated to a performance of a story from “The Viking Home Companion” by a guy named Torvald. It was very funny. Well, one good tale deserves another, so I performed “Beowulf.” Torvald looked at me. I looked at him. Then we sat down and talked bardic for 45 minutes. I love Pennsic.

Went over to de Londres, but it hadn’t started up yet. Instead, I went across the street to High Rafters just as Naga arrived. He and some friends were going over to Northshield, so I followed them. The circle was still pretty small, so we had a raucous good time. I think I performed three times in the hour or so I was there.

I left relatively early to call Ian and thence over to de Londres (again). It was also pretty small there. It took about 45 minutes for the circle to come around to me. I don’t know whether it’s because my skill level has improved, my memory is faulty, or there was an objective change in the skill of the other circle-members, but I found it wasn’t of the calibre I’ve come to expect of de Londres. There were very few performances that I would have felt, “I can’t follow that.” No, I felt I could match or even trump many of the other performances last night. It was actually a bit disappointing.

Around midnight, I left to go over to High Rafters and conspire with Morgana about my new Boreal Master paper idea. I have planted the seeds of wrongness. Now to see if they take root.

I don’t have much planned for today. There are classes that seem a bit interesting, one I’d like to take at three, and midnight madness after dinner, but I don’t even know of any circles tonight. For shame! Bad Pocket Bard! I’ll have to figure out what’s going on.

So that’s it for now. I got a glorious 7 hours of almost-uninterrupted sleep, so I’m ready for action. Ta!

slightly later — same place

Cynric tells me the jam session at Harpwood Hall last night was absolutely awesome. Damn! I wish I’d gone!

mid-afternoon — Marauders

How odd. The class I wanted to take apparently doesn’t exist. I checked the book in all the categories I could think of and simply couldn’t find it. Oh, well. I don’t need to know about kennings that much.

The day has been quite nice so far. Spent the morning in camp doing bardic with Iohn and Rua. I got to do harmonies! And they worked! Yay! [Editor’s note: my two biggest pitfalls in bardic: 1. I don’t know how to project properly, and 2. I really suck at singing harmonies.]

Then Iohn and I went shopping, occasionally running into people we knew. I picked up The Viking Home Companion CD from Torvald and a new pair of sandals from Medieval Moccasins (wine-coloured, but they are oddly neutral and suit my skin tone very well). I also was given a free book by Folump Press because he didn’t want it in his inventory.

Iohn and I went for drinks at Your Inner Vagabond and then continued shopping. We bought lunch in the food court and brought it back here and chilled.

Then I went to my class, which apparently doesn’t exist. Still don’t know what’s going on, bardic-wise, tonight. I guess everything is usurped by Midnight Madness. Maybe I’ll even feel well enough to make it this year, unlike the last few years. [Editor’s note: traditionally, Wednesday night of War Week is the night my body decides to shut down and give me headaches until I take care of it.]

I still have almost $100 left in my spending money and no idea what I’m going to spend it on. While the $80 beaver pelt — the softest thing in the entire world — continues to be an object of lust, I really can’t justify spending that much money on something so impractical. Maybe I’ll just save it for future events. [Editor’s note: I didn’t buy it. But I really, really loved it.]

Maybe I’ll go walkabout this afternoon. Right now, though, I’m kind of sleepy. We’ll see.

early evening — Marauders

An afternoon of bardic. I ran into Gordon on my way back up from walkabout and realised I still hadn’t written my poem for him, so I wandered over to Runestone Hill and started composing. 45 minutes later I had 44 lines of ballad verse. Go, me.

After dinner, I offered Their Highnesses Ansteorra my services as a bard if they wanted anything versified. His Highness immediately piped up, “a song about my virility.” I asked whether he was serious and he said no, but Her Highness Ansteorra and Her Highness East vigourously nodded. So let it be written, so let it be done. Dolan came by and I bounced ideas off him, ruminated in the shower, and went back to my tent to compose. I finished just a few minutes ago and performed it for Their Highnesses Alethea, Gunthar, and Elizabeth. Speed-bardic at your service. His Highness gave me a bracelet of quartz and agate beads: it’s so pretty! Yay! I enjoy being able to surprise people with speed-bardic. My only rule is: nothing hurtful. Anyone who is a subject of my songs should be happy when it’s done. It seems I’m still doing okay. Yay!

Now just waiting to go shopping, maybe with Alethea.

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