Pennsic 2008 Diary: Thursday, August 7

733.94 +
1.00 — breakfast
7.00 — lunch
10.60 — shopping (me)
2.00 — ice cream
= $754.54

midafternoon — Marauders

My goodness, midafternoon and I still haven’t journalised yet, and now I’ve got 45 minutes before I need to retain for court! So, the abbreviated version:

Went shopping, not with Alethea, but with Prince Gunthar. Had muchly fun. Checked out the Sing Thing at Club Aed but found it too low-energy for my tastes, so came back and hung out with Erwilian. Went to bed around 1.

This morning I did administrativa: performed for the Storytelling Academy, delivered the pieces for Their Highnesses Ansteorra and Captain Gordon, and wound up meeting Toki. (I hadn’t realised he camps next to Hedgehog.) I stayed there chatting with him until lunchtime, whereupon we brought our lunch from the food court to camp and acquired a Hugin and Iohn along the way. I am Katherine, Bardic Enabler. Toki and Hugin brought me to meet Dov an Thora near Enchanted Ground, then I did some shopping (beeswax votive candles and window-shopped for a replacement taster mug). I ran into Michael Alewright and Cerian, who I hadn’t seen yet this War. Initially I didn’t recognise him because he was wearing large, dark glasses. When he took them off, I literally squealed while everyone laughed at me. Then I bought some ice cream (because I’m not doing much bardic tonight), ate it, journaled, and now I need to get ready for court. I need to be at EK Royal in half an hour. Time to get to it.

after dinner — Marauders

Retaining at EK Court at Pennsic was a new and novel experience. Her Highness had six retainers, Her Majesty had at least ten. Since each royal lady only needed two retainers at a time, the rest of us sat in the pavilion behind the throne. It was like a collection of hens, albeit very quiet hens. I was privy to all those little problems rarely seen in front of the throne, stuff like “where’s a bottle opener? His Highness wants beer and these aren’t twist-tops!”

My lower back started hurting from standing so long and wearing a pouch on my belt, but otherwise court was quite enjoyable. There was a very touching tribute to Master El as he was given an augmentation of arms in absentia.

Court ended just as the drizzles started, and Sisuila and I escorted Alethea back to camp. We ate chilli. Eating chilli was a canker sore is… painful. Thank God for water.

I offered Her Highness to herald her into Bardicci, though she’s still not sure if she’s going. Right now she’s off somewhere so I’m watching her coronet and basket. It looks like we’re going to have another major (though hopefully short) storm coming through soon. Maybe we’ll wait until after.

The storm is making things quite cold, and I want my cloak, much as it might ruin the image of my lovely pink cotehardie (courtesy of Lionette). John still hasn’t gotten around to making me my new court garb, so I’m continuing to borrow Lionette’s for a while.

On the docket for tomorrow: retaining in the morning. Her Highness will be fighting, so I’ll probably wind up composing something. Nothing really on for the afternoon. Evening is the Inchingham / Cerian concert and the Peerless bardic circle. Should be a nice last day of War.

It’s very odd that I’ve done practically no bardic today. I performed my commissioned pieces and “Beowulf,” and I did a few mini-song recitals for individuals, but that’s about it. Odd. Maybe it’s a recovery from yesterday. Tomorrow evening will have lots of bardic in any event.

For those who haven’t noticed yet, I’m just killing time until Alethea gets back. It’s not even completely dark yet, though the chill in the air and the rain clouds make it seem later. I’m more fatigued than tired at this point. it will be fun to see the Bardicci (if it’s not raining), but I could equally go with a quiet evening of conversation at the Vagabond or performing for a small audience somewhere like Eoforwic.

I can feel the War winding down, even though I’ve got a full night and a full day ahead of me. In truth, I’ll be happy for a firm bed, a long, hot shower, and walls to protect me from the elements. A simple breakfast of Montreal bagels and orange juice wouldn’t hurt, either. I’m looking forward to having some sense of control over my caloric intake again. I’m still planning on enjoying the next day and a half, mind you. I’m still at Pennsic and, damnit, I look forward to this all year. The Peerless bardic in particular should be awesome.

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