Pennsic 2008 Diary: Friday, August 8

754.54 +
49.70 — shopping (me)
5.00 — YIV
= $809.24

midmorning — EK pavilion, battlefield

Last night and this morning I’m on princess-herding duties. Going to the Bardicci Hoity Toity part as Her Highness’s retainer, and especially knowing who to talk to, was a heck of a lot of fun. We got our pictures taken by the house photographer in the chapel, got an official tour from Erwilian, including up to the Logia, and we got an audience with the Baron. I performed my new piece and earned myself some Bardini (quarter-silvers), His Excellency spoke soft words to Her Highness, and then we swept outwards and onwards. I love having connections.

Then the three of us (we had picked up Jules before we hit Bardicci) went to a party at Lochac and I introduced Her Highness to Master Efenwealt and his wife. I love having connections.

We did a very, very brief tour of Calontir’s party and then went to have Flaming Dragons at Clan Lurker. It’s quite an experience, actually. Random fact: singing cures hiccups.

Anyway, that was my night.

This morning it was very cold and damp when I woke up. I got to do a bit of bardic with Iohn and Rua after breakfast but before I started retaining. When Alethea was ready, I followed her to Serpentius so she could put on her armour, ran back to camp to find her tabard, discovered it had already been brought to the field, and came out here.

It’s really cool to watch the field battles. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. I can’t follow what’s going on, but it’s cool nonetheless.

We’re just about to start the third battle, a regicide. Alethea will be carrying His Majesty’s banner. I’m going to watch.

early afternoon — Marauders

I have received yet another commission, this one from Her Highness Alethea, to write about the regicide field battle and her role in it as standard-bearer. Essentially, the king of Calontir decided to make it a 3-way battle. The kings of the East and Middle secretly colluded to kill the king of Calontir and then charge each other, but instead of killing each other, they would hug and retire from the field in friendship. I’m thinking of writing it as a first-person poem from Alethea’s perspective. She’s showering and then we’ll be going to the Vagabond, so I’ll try to get more of the story there.

It’s been on-and-off raining all day, and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. I hope not. I really don’t feel like packing up a wet tent, even if it is nylon. Eh. I’ll deal with that later. On the other hand, I really should get my stuff together and packed up as much as possible if I can. I’ll do that later this afternoon when Her Highness goes off fencing, assuming it’s still cool out.

slightly later — same place

Overheard at Pennsic:
Man #1: “Yes, sir.”
Man #2: “Don’t call me ‘sir’; I don’t have a white belt.”
Man #1: “Yes, ma’am.”

midafternoon — same place

The Vagabond trip was seriously curtailed. We realised when we arrived that we only had about 10 minutes to spend there, so we just ordered stuff to go. Ran into Michael Kelly but lost him before we got back to camp as I tried to keep up with the princess. I waited for a bit for him but he never showed up, so I went off shopping instead. Found a cute little replacement taster mug (not as cute as my current one but also not as chipped) and a hideously expensive but oh-so-gloriously-polished lucet. I also picked up some cotton thread to use with it in pretty much all the heraldic colours but black.

I’m very tired now and my knee hurts. I’m going to drive some water and then maybe pack stuff up in my tent a bit.

late afternoon — Marauders

Another “my heart is singing” moment: Iohn just gave me a necklace of wooden beads that had been given to him by Baroness Caitlin of Namron (Norman, Oklahoma) at his first bardic competition (which he won). She died a week later, so it has understandably been very previous to him. His words were, “since your kingdom doesn’t have a grant-level award I can write you in for, I want you to have this.” I’m walking on air right now. [Editor’s note: in the SCA, there are three levels of award: AoA level, grant-level, and peerage-level. For some reason, the East Kingdom only has AoA-level and peerage-level, without the intermediate grant-level awards.]

In more mundane news (pardon the pun), most of my stuff is packed. I’ve got to pack my bed and the stuff I’m wearing, but everything else is packed. I’m contemplating walking up to the car just to check on it, but my ankle and knee hurt and I’ve only got an hour before the Inchingham / Cerian concert. I’m not sure whether I’ll get dinner before or after.

My canker sore is hurting, making eating a tricky proposal, but I’ll manage.

I’m really hoping it doesn’t rain tomorrow.

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