Pennsic 2008 Diary: Tuesday, July 29

61.70 +
42.00 — gas
32.61 — groceries, etc.
20.00 — troll
50.00 — camp fee
100.00 — meal plan
5.00 — Your Inner Vagabond
= $311.31

7:40 am — Days Inn, Meadville

Not a great night of sleep last night. I don’t know whether it was because of the excitement, the strange bed, or what, but I just didn’t sleep well. I woke up twice to use the bathroom: once around 2:30 and once about 10 minutes before our 7:30 alarm. So despite crashing out around 10 last night, I’m not particularly rested. Ah, well. That’s what caffein and adrenaline are for.

The plan for today, such as it is: have breakfast here at the hotel, fill up, and drive to War, hopefully by 10 am. Troll in, get Jeanne and I unpacked (after, of course, figuring out where her camp is), do a trip to the Walmart (after getting directions), come back, and park the car for good. Garb up and say hello to absolutely everyone I can find that I know. Hugs will probably be involved. I don’t think there are any formal circles planned for tonight, so I’ll probably go walkabout around Harpwood Hall / Howling Mouse / Bardicci and see what’s going on. Unless something else comes up first, of course.

mid-afternoon — McGuire’s Marauders

Yay Pennsic! I trolled in, as expected, right around 10. It took us a while to find Jeanne’s camp, but we eventually did find it. We set up her tent, my tent, determined it was far too hot to set anything up inside my tent, and went to Walmart. By around 1:30, we were back and I put the car away, hopefully for good this War. I’m now in garb, registered at First Aid Point and A&S Point… I’m officially at War! Yay!

I’ve given hugs to the Marauders, the Sharks, the guys at the Tudor House, and various other people. Certainly there will be more as the day goes on.

Apparently some people around camp have read my online journal, which is kind of neat. Also, people have taken to calling me Pocket Bard more often, which is odd but fun.

This afternoon there will be scones. Yum!

I have already done some bardic (“The Scottish Champion” over at the Tudor House), and judging by the lute music I’m hearing from the other side of the common area, there will most likely be more in the near future.

Aaah… I must be at Pennsic.

slightly afterwards — same place

And… first recitation of “Beowulf” done. Apparently, John has been telling people about it for the last three days. Ah, the infectiousness has begun. “Cook, Marian, cook!”

later — same place

It’s officially Pennsic: I’ve composed. Based on the “official” response to Marian’s scones: “These are dreadful. They should be wiped off the face of the Earth so you can try another batch. I will do my part my selflessly hurling myself upon the unexploded scones.” [Editor’s note: Marian’s scones are really, really good, and always one of the highlights of my War. This is why the official response is so funny.] I wrote out a copy for her, and the performance was well-received. In fact, they have asked for a recitation every time there are scones. This can be arranged. So long as I get scones.

Now to check the class list or something. Still too hot to set up my bed.

late evening — Marauders

I have wandered. I have met many, many people and given most of them hugs. I have done bardic and helped collaborate a jam session at Harpwood Hall tonight. I have had people recognise me that I didn’t expect. All told, fine work for a few hours.

On the other hand, my bed still isn’t set up. Can’t have everything, I suppose.

I had some water but should probably have more, as I’m feeling a bit fatigued.

I should call Mom. Maybe I’ll do that now.

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