Pennsic 2008 Diary: Wednesday, July 30

311.31 +
no spending
= $311.31

morning — Marauders

I don’t remember when I last wrote, but I had a highly enjoyable afternoon and evening. Afternoon consisted of my first walkabout of War, visiting Eleanor and Menkin (who had just arrived), Efenwealt (who was playing with his kids), the Bardicci (in their new home: a canal runs through it!), Harpwood Hall, and Howling Mouse. Even if half the people I wanted to see weren’t there, that still leaves a lot of people.

More later: breakfast is ready!

after breakfast — same place

So. Came back for supper, very tasty roast beef. Ate, enjoyed the company, and then dragged a few people over to Your Inner Vagabond. I wanted a Silk Road Sharbat, but there were no mixes ready, so I had a vanilla-lavender mix instead. It was okay, but I started getting a sugar headache about a third of the way from the end. So I didn’t finish, paid, and moved on.

Did another walkabout, stopping to chat with Unnr, Charles, and Henry MacQueen. I stopped in at Familia Gladiatoria to say hi to Ajax and found myself invited for dinner. I had an ear of corn on the cob (and showed them how to butter it properly, using bread) and found out that Monday is Turkish Desserts Night. Anyway. Moved on further to Harpwood Hall, where I joined in on the jam session. Everyone there was better than me, but I never let that stop me from joining in anyway. We started with some fairly “high” bardic and eventually degenerated into filk and Arrogant Worms.

Eventually the circles wound down and Maraha and I walked up the hill. Howling Mouse was kind of quiet, so Maraha agreed to walk me back to camp. There, we chatted and found ourselves in a 3-person “I’ve never done this before; let me use you as a test audience” circle. Maraha did a few stories, I did one of my new stories, and Cedric performed a song.

Maraha left around 12:30, I took a chance and discovered Marc was home (yay!), so I got to talk to him for a bit. Finally got to bed around 1 am.

I’d like to say I slept well, but I would lie. My air mattress wasn’t as inflated as I’d have liked, the air was very damp, and my body was doing wonky things to me. My body, as normal, forced me to the portos around 6 (actually later than I’d expected). I got almost another hour in bed — “sleep” would be too strong a word — before deciding to get up.

Breakfast was very nummy biscuits, eggs, and sausage. Yum! We love you, Seraphina. [Editor’s note: Seraphina is our camp cook, and she’s stunningly awesome. One year, when she was contemplating not going to Pennsic, about half the camp decided they didn’t want to go if Seraphina wasn’t coming.] Punctuating breakfast was camp-specific “no shit, there I was” stories, which are always fun.

It was supposed to rain today, and the sky is still overcast, but apparently now the forecast is saying “no rain.” I hope so: I’d hate to be teaching in the amphitheatre, with no roof, in the rain. [Editor’s note: It turns out the amphitheatre does, in fact, have a roof.]

Other things on for today (besides teaching): two classes that look interesting and Haakon’s circle, where I still don’t know what I’ll be performing. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

That’s it for now. Time to wash the breakfast dishes.

slightly later — same place

Stepping on tent stakes hurts.

later morning — amphitheatre

I’ve got about 25 minutes before my class starts and figured I’d come down early on the off-chance Sarah would be here, but she isn’t. [Editor’s note: I was co-teaching the class with Sarah, but we hadn’t had much time to communicate beforehand.] More journaling time for me. I admit, I don’t think we’re going to have a particularly good turnout, what with all the scheduling mixups. Also, the amphitheatre is a bit far for many people to treck to. Sure, I may be pleasantly surprised, but we’ll see.

Sisuila and I have plans to go shopping (or at least window-shopping) when my class is done. Should be fun, especially since I haven’t hit the merchants’ area yet except to say a few hellos.

It’s quite humid and I’m sweating profusely. I’ll probably shower just before or after dinner, before heading over to Haakon’s. My hair could really use washing. On the other hand, I haven’t had to use my inhaler yet this War, which is good.

Otherwise, things have been pretty chill this morning. It’s amazing how much time there seems to be before 10 am when you wake up, completely alert, at 7.

Hmm… maybe I should go wanter for the next 10 minutes.

just after class — Marauders

The weather gods waited until the end of class to start drizzling, and until just after I walked into camp and closed my windows to started the downpour, so overall I am satisfied. Thank you, weather gods, for if we were in for rain today, you picked a good time.

And, five minutes later, it has slackened down to merely “rain.” Though I suspect it may intensify and slacken several more times before it’s over.

slightly later — same place

I was right. Sisuila has interrupted our impromptu “intro to rosaries” class to dump rain out of the edges of the communal pavilion. I’m afraid to see what my tent will be like after this. Probably a lot like last year, actually. Hopefully it doesn’t last too long.

Anyway. My class (Singing 101) had 5 students, which was actually more than I was expecting. It went well, I think. I certainly learned stuff about breathing and projection, along with 2 new rounds. Yay! My section was a bit curtailed, but it worked out all right in the end. And I got back just in time to beat the rain, so that’s all for the good.

midafternoon — Marauders

Sisuila and I went shopping / window-shopping. I met a few new merchants, sang “Of Cabbages” to Erwilian, and browsed. I was saddened to hear that Anastasia’s last War was apparently last year. Oh, no! I wanted presents from there! D’oh!

On the other hand, John is probably going to be making me lots of garb: a sideless surcoat out of my blue silk velvet; the silk-linen gown; a yellow linen tunic or overtunic; fixing my bodice… yay clothes! We love you, John! [Editor’s note: due to excessive business and some health issues, John wasn’t able to make me my garb. I’m sure he’ll get around to it soon, though.]

The rain started as Sisuila and I were shopping and my knee started to act up, so we came back to camp, and here we are. I’m getting tired (like I said, bad sleep last night), but Sisuila is making some nice herbal tea. I’m trying to decide whether to get my embroidery or to take a nap. [Editor’s note: I don’t think I took out my embroidery once all war.] In either case, I need to go back to my tent to get my mug. The state of my tent is better than I thought: puddles, but not on anything that’s harmed by water. On the other hand, I foolishly forgot to take in my “welcome” back (a bath mat from Walmart), so it’s soaked through and the welcome mat of my tent (the flap that’s part of the tent) is also very wet. It could be worse. I’m not complaining.

On the other hand, I may just take one of the mugs here in the communal tent, as the downpour just started again.

later afternoon — same place

I tried and failed to nap, then joined in on some chocolate sampling. I had yet another biscuit (I think that makes 4 today — oi!). It’s clear that I’m not losing any weight this War. [Editor’s note: I think I gained 1-2 pounds overall, which is actually better than I was expecting.]

My tent escaped the afternoon rained more-or-less unscathed. I got very, very good last year at mitigating the effects of the mesh drips. Sisuila was not so lucky: her tent has two rather large leaks, one right on top of her bed.

It looks like the rain is over for now, so Cynric and I are going shopping. As soon as I put on more sunscreen. Sigh.

slightly before dinner — Marauders

In fact, Sisuila and I went window-shopping again, this time joined by Paul at the merchants south of Currie Road. It looks like there are only three or four CDs at Efenwealt’s that I want, which means I may only be buying five or six CDs this war. This is an odd, odd thought. [Editor’s note: In fact, I bought 9, which is still only about half my usual amount.]

I priced belts at By My Hand: about $20, which isn’t too bad. They also have lucets, which I may pick up if I decide mine has gone AWOL. I also have my lust object for the war: the softest pelt (beaver) I have ever felt in my life. At $65-80+, I probably won’t get it, but I’d like to pet it forever. So soft. So pettable. I also found a long string of amber for $25, which I may purchase.

I got a new Bardicci quarter-coin for singing today, but I’m certainly going to need to get more if I want to attend the parties. I’ll have to see if they have more performers’ medallions this year. [Editor’s note: the Bardicci mint their own silver coins and medallions every year. It costs one silver coin to enter their low party on the middle Sunday, and two to enter their high party on Thursday of War Week. With a medallion, you can enter and leave as you please.]

After the rain, it’s been the perfect temperature and humidity. If it stays like this all War, I will be very, very happy.

Hmm… I haven’t gone down to the Bog at all today, nor up to Sharkpit. I heard Cariadoc arrived today, and I haven’t see him either. I’ll have to see if I can do some wandering before Haakon’s circle.

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