Pennsic 2008 Diary: Thursday, July 31

311.31 +
7.00 — lunch
3.00 — Master El fund
+4.70 — class handouts
= $316.61

just after breakfast — Marauders

After dinner last night, I took Cedric to meet Erwilian, and he was invited to perform during the open house and high party. Meanwhile, Erwilian showed me his new performers’ medallions: all agents of the household, who need to come and go from the party, are given small versions of the gold medallion. Bards’ medallions have a little silver harp hanging off them (I’ll receive mine today) and guards get a little silver dagger. I’m looking forward to seeing them. Meanwhile, Erwilian gave me a small gold one to bestow on a person I think deserves it. Yay!

Afterwards I wandered down to Enchanted Ground to say hello to Cariadoc, but he had apparently left site because of the weather. Hopefully he’ll be back today and hosting his circle.

I went back to Aethelmearc, where Haakon’s circle was about to start. It was a lot of fun. There were quite a few very good performances (notably: a girl who performed Greensleeves with a beautiful voice — and received a ring from Morgana and a bead from me — and Michael Alewright did a song about mercenaries I’d like to learn). I performed relatively early to lighten the mood after a few very sombre performances. I did Rathflaed’s “Beowulf,” which almost no one there had heard before but all now appreciate. I also performed late in the evening, “Valhalla” by Leslie Fish, and was complimented on it afterwards.

I and others walked Morgana back to High Rafters, and them Michael Alewright, Maraha, and I went to Your Inner Vagabond, which was surprisingly still open (it being past midnight). Maraha left, and we were joined by Dur (sp?), a Syrian Arab. Conversation ranged and could have easily gone on another hour, except that I looked at my watch and realised it was 1:15. Michael, ever the gentleman, paid for my hot chocolate and baklava, and then he walked me back to camp. By the time I spoke to Marc and got myself ready for bed, it was 2. I woke up at 6:30, managed to fall back asleep for an hour, and now it’s tomorrow.

Conversation around breakfast featured persona development talk, and now I’m just preparing for my day. I’m teaching my persona development class at three. Beforehand, there are a few classes I may take, especially Morgana’s storytelling tips class at one. I’ll probably go walkabout (since I didn’t yesterday) and take a shower (since I desperately need one). Maybe take a nap. Tonight, hopefully Enchanted Ground. If I’m lucky, more Your Inner Vagabond.

Now, though… shower.

slightly later — same place

I feel clean. Yay, showers!

around noon — same place

I slept through most of the morning in John’s tent. On the other hand, I am very well rested now. On the other, my morning is gone. Oh, noes!

While I was sleeping, someone set up a massage table in the common area. I love our camp.

midafternoon — Marauders

My class went okay, but not as well as it normally does. I gave out 25 handouts, but some people left after receiving them. I made less than $5 back of my photocopy costs, which is far less than normal. On the other hand, my students seemed interested and asked good questions, so it all worked out.

Before my class, I went to Morgana’s, which was very good. She didn’t work from notes but just talked and answered questions. It was very informative, actually.

I’ve been accumulating Bardicci coins, which is very nice. Maggy tends to give me a “Bardino” (quarter-silver) whenever I perform, and one of my students (Seamus’ wife, it turns out) gave me a silver since she didn’t have cash for the handout. Yay Bardicci coins!

I don’t have much to do before dinner, so I’ll probably go walkabout. Starting right… now!

late afternoon — Marauders

Walking is. I said brief hellos to Cariadoc and Charles, conspired with Seamus, ran into Michael Kelly, and greeted the Quebecois for the first time this War. I wanted to conspire further with Erwilian, but he had many people in his shop and I didn’t want to interrupt. Now I’m going to have some water because I’m tired.

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