Pennsic 2008 Diary: Friday, August 1

316.61 +
2.00 — lunch
4.00 — cobbler
4.00 — smoothie
= $326.61

morning — Marauders

After dinner, I met Henry MacQueen in the merchants’ area and went with him to his birthday party at Eoforwic. There, I sampled some very tasty fresh-baked bread from Hector, ate very tasty birthday cake, and traded stories with Henry. I had to remind myself that if I started trading pun songs with Henry, though, I’d lose a lot of the night and I’d lose. So I went across the street to Enchanted Ground.

Cariadoc’s circle was very nice, though a bit small, maybe 12 people at its peak. It also appeared to be the night of people inadvertently doing the same piece that was done a half-hour before. I fell into that trap, with the tale of the Baron and the Troubadour. Apparently the Pardoner’s Tale was nearly performed thrice. I told His Grace that I might bring him the tale of Seven Bards and One Tale, which I may or may not write over the next few days. I did about four pieces, which pretty much used up my available repertoire, but the circle broke up around then anyway, so all was well.

Now I’ve got very little time left before the first class I’m taking. I’ve got three I want to take before 1 pm. So I should really get ready for that now.

early afternoon — Marauders

The day has actually been quite good so far. I went to the Storytelling Academy class hosted by Morgana, which was wonderful. After that, I opted out of the next class I wanted to attend in favour of following Morgana, Michael Alewright, Maraha, and a few others back to High Rafters. There, I got some personalised brainstorming on the piece I want to write for Cariadoc, which was very cool. Maraha and I killed each other laughing, which was also fun.

Then I wandered a bit, stopped in with Erwilian and conspired with him. I had lunch with Michael, his lady, and some friends of theirs. I had my first cobbler of the War: tasty but oh, so bad for me. [Editor’s note: actually, it turned out to be my only cobbler of the War, but it was still very tasty.]

I also got to see Toki and Grim (separately) for the first time this War. Yay! Hopefully I’ll see at least one of them at filk night tonight.

Now, off to a lucet class (my own lucet is AWOL, but never mind). Afterwards I’ll sit down and work on composing my new Bardicci piece. Off we go.

midafternoon — Marauders

The lucet class was really cool, actually. I’ve got all sorts of cool ideas for two-colour cord now, but I’m going to have to practice a lot. First, of course, I’m going to have to find my lucet or buy another one.

I have also written my new piece for the Bardicci. It took about an hour and a half: 13 ballad verses. I’m just letting it settle now. Maybe I’ll try to find Jeanne to tell her dinner is early tonight. Maybe while I’m there I’ll go say hi to Sharkpit.

just before dinner — Marauders

60% chance of thunderstorms later tonight. Here’s hoping it passes us by. I’m very tired now.

after dinner — same place

I’ve decided that filk night deserves the ultra-garish orange-and-blue striped tunic.

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