Pennsic 2008 Diary: Saturday, August 2

326.61 +
1.50 — Pennsic Independent
10.00 — lunch
+3.80 — handouts
= $334.31

morning — Sharkpit

Last night was awesome. I haven’t laughed that hard, that long for a long time. The best part of the evening was actually the beginning of it when it was quite small, only about 8 people. But among those 8 were me and Darian, so that pretty much set the tone. I laughed. I laughed a lot. The circle went around a whole bunch of times. Efenwealt was there. Grim did Katrusha’s “Anti-Singalong Song,” which also did a lot to set the tone. I wound up performing 7 or 8 times, essentially running through my entire repertoire of non-bawdy filk songs.

After that ended (shortly after 11, I believe), I went across the street to say hi to the newly-arrived Liam and Alethea. Then I snagged Toki and Dolan and we went off to Northshield. There wasn’t much happening, but we brought a bit of bardic with us (of course) that was well-received. The tale of “Beowulf” spreads, and someone requested I perform “The Wild Eastman Spam,” which is kind of cool. [Editor’s note: I always find it really cool when people request performances of stuff I wrote.]

Then Toki walked me back to camp and we chatted for a while. I went to bed shortly after 1:30.

My body told me to go to the bathroom at 5:30, but I fell back to sleep until about 8. Had breakfast (waffles!), rinsed my tunics (I spilled cider on them yesterday night), and did a few bardic pieces (would you believe people in my own camp don’t know the wild spam song?!). Then Dolan and I went off to the Storytelling Academy: medieval sources for short stories offered by Master Jehan. After sitting through it for a half-hour, I decided to move on and came up to Sharkpit. And here I am. I just missed chai, but at least the company is good. And now they’re talking about chocolate-covered bacon. I’m afraid.

At some point before 2, I really need to review the paper my class is based on. Eh, I have time.

early afternoon — Marauders

About 20 minutes until my class. I haven’t done much today, actually. Had lunch with Alethea, reviewed my notes, and chilled.

I was reading the Independent and getting really annoyed at all the typos and errors I was seeing… until I got to the second page and saw a notice that there were 144 errors in the paper and anyone who delivered a copy with all the errors marked in red pen would receive a free subscription. I went through, but actually only caught 80-something objective errors. Admittedly, I didn’t go through the ads or classifieds with my red pen. Also, while there was a lot of really bad writing and a lot of stuff that was poorly phrased, I couldn’t really call them objective errors. So I guess I’ll skip on the free subscription. [Editor’s note: I’m actually an editor in mundania. Spelling and grammar mistakes in official publications bug me. A lot.]

Class is in 15 minutes.

late afternoon — Marauders

An eventful afternoon. My class (By My Bones!) went very well. I got far more students than I was expecting and actually ran out of handouts. I got some very good questions and didn’t forget too much.

Afterwards, I did my traditional afternoon wander. I stopped by the Independent, where I got to hug Og. Yay hugs!

Then I stumbled father down the hill and performed “Beowulf” at Eoforwic for the cooks. Hector taunted me with the knowledge that he’s baking 23 loaves of bread in the Dutch oven today. I may have to go down there later tonight to claim some.

Went further down and and performed for about 45 minutes for a dozen Bardicci. I love performing for them. I got commissioned to write a piece (yes, another one) for Captain Gordon, and he paid me a decent handful of silver for it, too. I also got invited to put my pieces into “The Book of Witticisms,” a book of Bardicci household lore, which Artemesia is putting together.

And now I’m back at camp. I’m thinking of buying a pair of Medieval Moccasins sandals for mundane use. I saw some blown-glass shot glasses I may get for a gift, but they’re quite expensive. Still don’t know what I’m getting for Marc’s mom, but it may be something from the wax / honey merchant.

Anyway. I think I should transcribe my Bardicci piece into this book.

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