Pennsic 2008 Diary: Monday, August 4

373.31 +
140.00 — shopping (for me)
45.53 — shopping (gifts)
9.00 — PI subscription
7.00 — YIV
4.00 — Clan Tynker
= $578.84

morning — Marauders

Didn’t sleep too well last night. I’d thought I was cold because of my garb, but in fact it was objectively colder as well. I shivered for much of the night. In retrospect, I should have worn wool socks. At least I know to take my tunic into bed with me so I’m not putting on a cold, damp tunic first thing in the morning.

Anyway. Plans are afoot. Apparently Durhild knows Neil Gaiman, and she wants to videotape me performing “Beowulf” so she can put it up on YouTube and show it to him. So Alethea is going to find out if Leonette (formerly known as Nicola) has her camera with her, and I’ll try to wrangle people to be my audience and chant along. Should be lots of fun. [Editor’s note: we never got around to doing this, but hopefully it’ll happen at some point in the future.]

This morning I think I’ll shop. There are a few classes I’d like to get to, and we’ll see if that happens. There’s also the EK 40th Anniversary display going on. This afternoon, I think I’ll accept the invitation to perform at tea. So far, the only thing I know about tonight is the Turkish Desserts night at Ajax’s. I’ll see what else is going on. Maybe I’ll try to catch John Littleton before he leaves camp to find out about CDs. Onwards to get dressed.

early afternoon — Marauders

For a morning where I had nothing planned, it’s been quite eventful. I went shopping: CDs for me, a horn for Marc, and a fire-starter kit for his dad. Efenwealt doesn’t know of any bardic going on tonight, though. Also on the downside, I finally figured out the perfect gift for Ian: a teddy-bear chess set like mine. Problem: the woman who makes them passed away two years ago. Oops. I think I’ll get him a Heather Dale CD and some dice instead.

I went to go find Grim, so he could tell me who did a particular song, so I could pass on the message from Efenwealt that he wants to meet them. (Gotta love bardic tag.) I didn’t find Grim, but I did find Brid and the Dione Sidhe camp. I did some bardic for them and they fed me. I also got two tokens: 1. a reproduction medieval thimble from Hastings, given to me by Brid, and 2. a triangle bead from Dyrfinna (her quote: “You’re a round peg in a square hole, so you should have a triangle bead.”) I have an open invitation there. Yay! Also a huge admiration for Brid’s apprentices and proteges — they commit to way more than I’d be able to.

Then I went to the EK 40th Anniversary Display, full of stuff like early Pikestaffs and event announcements, maps, and portraits of early royalty. [Editor’s note: Pikestaff is the official newsletter of the East Kingdom.]

Now I’m in camp. There’s the smell of baking bread and the sound of music. I was planning on doing a bit more shopping before I headed down the hill, though. Maybe I’ll do bardic for just a little bit…

late afternoon — Marauders

I did, indeed, do bardic. It’s a lot of fun to do bardic with Cynric and Iohn.

Then I meandered down to the Bog (via the PI office to buy my subscription) to the Bardicci. I wrote last year’s poem in their “Book of Witticisms” and then headed over with Laria to Terre d’Ange for tea. It was nice, but much smaller than I’d expected, only about 5 people. We had a good time and tasty tea, and I performed a few choice bawdy pieces (“Why, yes, I do have a pirate debutante song!”).

Then it was time to move on to Mistress Adelaide’s class on documenting original bardic pieces. I’m glad I went: the handout alone is 23 pages! It’s inspired me to go down to bookseller’s row (if i have money left) and see what I can find in terms of anthologies. [Editor’s note: I didn’t actually wind up going — book stores are simply too huge of a money-sink for me.]

If the shops are open after dinner, I’ll pick up Ian’s present and my belt, and then I’ll see how much I have left over. It’s very cool to have money that doesn’t need to be spent on CDs.

Now it’s time for food.

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