Pennsic 2008 Diary: Tuesday, August 5

578.74 +
46.30 — shopping (gifts)
31.84 — shoping (me)
= $656.98

morning — Marauders

I had a very bad dream last night. It was so bad that I woke up crying. I am deeply grateful for Ruven (sp?) for taking care of me this morning. I think I’ll buy him a present. [Editor’s note: I eventually gave him one of my beads instead.] I went looking for Morgana to apologise to her (odd, I know), but she was still asleep. You should have seen the look Haakon gave me, though: “Let me get this straight: You want to apologise to her for something she did… in your dream?”

Anyway. Last night was wonderful, so let’s switch tracks. At dinner, we realised Alethea didn’t have retainers for the evening, or so we thought, so I offered my services. As she was getting dressed, we found out that she did, in fact, have a retainer, because the retainer (Astrid) showed up. But Alethea’s night plans seemed more interesting than mine, so I offered to retain anyway.

The three of us stopped off at the Teen Party, but it hadn’t started yet, so we slipped off to the Vagabond for an hour. Alethea and I shared baklava. It was just like old times.

We went back to the Teen Party and I followed Alethea around as she worked the room. Thence it was down to Familia Gladiatoria, which was already hopping. Alethea was offered a reclining couch-like chair in front of Ajax’s tent (very Roman) and I set at her feet.

We got there just in time for Clan Tynker to perform. As they finished setting up, someone offered Alethea a plate full of desserts; it’s good to be the princess. I got to eat a few of the desserts; it’s good to be a retainer.

Clan Tynker was awesome. They did juggling with glowing balls, poi, tightrope walking, sword swallowing, and various other circus arts. It was very, very impressive.

We stayed and shmoozed for a while and then went across the street to show Alethea’s crown to Jules. She squealed a lot when she found out Alethea was princess. It was very cute.

After a while we came up the hill and got back to camp around 11:30. I contemplated going out again, but people were still awake, so I stayed in camp to do bardic with Iohn, Cynric, and Rua. Got to bed around 1, even though things were still hopping.

We had five minutes of light rain around 6:30 this morning, and it’s still overcast and chilly, but at least the rain has stopped (for now). I should probably have breakfast.

early afternoon — Marauders

I wrote a song this morning. To explain why, I need to describe two events that took place yesterday which I neglected to mention.

Event #1: Yesterday afternoon, I’m walking past the performing arts tent and see a whole bunch of kids up on stage. Curious, I ask one of the women in the audience (a mother, I assume) what was going on. “Oh,” says she, “it’s youth theatre. Are you under 18?” “No, I’m 26…”

Event #2: Walking back to camp last night with Alethea and Astrid, we run across Duchess Isabella and some of her ladies. One of the ladies mentions Isabella’s party, gives an invitation to Astrid, gives and invitation to Alethea. “It’s okay,” says I, “I can just look at Alethea’s invitation. She camps with me.” “That’s very nice,” says the lady, “but I just have to check… are you over 21?” Sigh.

So today I was eating breakfast and realised “you must be seventeen” scans to the second line of ballad meter. Then I came up with a chorus. Then I wrote 5 verses. Start to finish, it probably took half an hour. I even have a melody (for once!). It’s called “No Longer Seventeen.” I must get bardic kudos somewhere for using “statutory crime” in a song. Everyone I’ve sun it for so far (and I must have given at least a dozen performances) have liked it.

I went shopping and picked up CDs and dice for Ian, “Pennsic for Dummies” from Claus, and a new belt for me. Sigulf from By My Hand Designs helped me restring my necklace, too. Yay!

I also got a chance to talk to Morgana, who felt very bad even though she’d done nothing wrong. Then I performed my song, which lightened the mood.

Now I’m back in camp. My right calf is hurting — maybe Rua will massage it for me. I think I’ll read through the Pennsic for Dummies book and the Unclassifieds from the Independent and maybe take a nap in John’s tent. Marian’s making scones later, and then there will be the Boreal Master Symposium [Editor’s note: The Boreal Master Symposium is essentially a parody of academia, where people present papers on an entirely fictional author called “The Boreal Master.” Much hilarity ensues, at least if you’re an academic.]

Sleepy now. No Bog-walking for me. Especially not with the sky still threatening to rain.

midafternoon — Boreal Master Symposium

I had been attempting (unsuccessfully) to nap in John’s tent, having asked him to wake me up when Marian started making scones (around 3, I thought).

A conversation:
Me (groggy and bloody hot, emerging from John’s tent): “What time is it?”
Marauders: “Time for scones!”
Me: “No, really. What time is it?”
Marauders: “Scones o’clock!”
Me: “I have something at 4. What time is it?”
Marauders: “Oh. It’s 4:10. But it’s okay, you can arrive late at the vigil.”
Me: “No, it’s not a vigil, it’s the Boreal Master Symposium.”
Marauders: “Well, you can take a scone to go.”
Me: “Fine. Can I have a currant one?”
Marauders: “The last currant one was just eaten. The only ones left are cheese.”

Groan. Yeah, not happy. Apparently my PMS decided to hit me during my period instead of before. Stupid hormones.

after dinner — Marauders

The Boreal Master Symposium really cheered me up, and I’ve actually got an idea for a new Boreal paper. We’ll see if I write it before next Pennsic.

Got back to camp and Rua massaged my calves, which had been hurting. Apparently they were really tight. We love you, Rua! I gave her a bead, and I also gave one to Ruven for taking care of me this morning. [Editor’s note: Rua is a licensed massage therapist. I love my camp.]

Michael Kelly came by as I was having dinner. It’s always nice to see him.

Tried to call Ian but his phone was either off or busy. And just as I write that, I realise he’s probably at work. I’ll call him later tonight.

It appears we’ll have rain on-and-off tonight. Hopefully bardic won’t scatter like last year. I’ve been given a quest by Her Highness to learn the librarian song by Eliane. She’ll be at Northshield tonight.

I’m contemplating going to the Vagabond before de Londres (which I’ll hit first), but I don’t know. In any event, it’s time to put the journal away.

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