Pennsic 2009 Diary

Pennsic 38: The Pocket Bard is Stung by Irony

Yes, that’s right. Pennsic 38 was the year I was quite literally stung by irony: I stepped on a bee while walking to buy shoes. If that’s not irony, I don’t know what is. It knocked me off my feet for nearly three days, which is a lifetime at Pennsic. But otherwise, I had a wonderful War, and I’m here to share it with you as always.

Sunday, July 26

CAD 2.75 — toll
25.32 — gas
5.00 — lunch
3.42 — snack
3.00 — toll
26.00 — gas
7.05 — supper
= CAD $2.75; US $69.79

8:25 pm — Days Inn, Meadville

Back in Meadville. This has gotta be a tradition by now. In fact, by coincidence, Jeanne and I are actually staying at the same hotel as last year, ate at the same restaurant as last year, and even had the same entree as last year. (That last one was truly a fluke: they didn’t have the salmon, so we had the tilapia again instead.) This time, we were smart and split it, and also shared some pistaccio gelato for dessert (big bowl of gelato.)

In any event, the drive down was drama-free and as comfortable as a 10-hour drive can be. Left Montreal at 8:30 and arrived in Meadville around 6:45. Though there was a 20-minute wait at the border, the crossing itself was quick and painless. They didn’t even ask us to open the trunk. (Though given that I’ve got a hatchback and everything was visible from the outside, opening the trunk would have been fairly redundant.)

Felt very tired after lunch, on in I-81 south, to the point where my eyes needed to refocus every time I blinked. I discovered the solution to this was to put on funny songs and sing along very loudly. God bless Jeanne, who didn’t seem to mind and even joined in occasionally.

I discovered a computer in the hotel lobby with Internet access (more to the point, I asked if they had one and the desk clerk directed me to it) and found out that apparently an hour and a half after I left the house this morning, my mom found my new lucet that I spent at least a half-hour searching for yesterday. Ah, well. Such is the way of packing.

Plans for Pennsic this year are very similar to past years: lots of bardic, teach some classes, give many hugs, and have the time of my life. I’ll be teaching two sessions of my traditional “Your Persona in an Hour” and one of a new class called “Pennsic Without Breaking the Bank.” I”ll also be presenting a paper at the Boreal Master Symposium, which should be a lot of fun. I’d also like to volunteer somewhere new this year, maybe Troll of Info Point.

Very excited to see the new satchel and gown John made for me. I’ve got the best camp ever.

Among other things, the shopping list for this year includes: CDs, new shoes, a veil (or fabric to make one), an eating knife, possibly some fabric for tunics, possibly Viking broaches, stockings, an overdress, and, well, we’ll see how far the money has stretched by that point. Pennsic being what it is, I’m sure other things will catch my eye as well.

While I’m sure I could go on with things I’ve planned, I think I’ll stop here and pick this up tomorrow morning, either on the way to War or once we’ve arrived.

Forward to Monday, July 27


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