Pennsic 2009 Diary: Tuesday, August 4

1.75 — PI
33.60 — fabric
14.00 — fabric
5.25 — lunch
16.00 — Your Inner Vagabond (me and Katrusha)
= $70.60
+ 518.89
= $589.49

morning — Marauders

A Pennsic moment from last night: I’m sitting at the front end of camp, playing with baby Evelyn. [Editor’s note: Evelyn is Sciath’s 14-month-old daughter.] Down the road, from Calontir, a group of people came processing down the road, singing a dirge. About halfway down, I spy Hector. I try to catch his eye and wave. He, seeing me, points and beckons with his finger. This is not a summons one refuses. I grab my bag and hobble over as fast as I can. Hector informs me that this is a procession to scatter the ashes of Ternon, first prince of Calontir, on the Runestone. “This is also part of being a bard. You’re walking the path. you should witness this.”

We march, a few beats too quickly for comfort though still quite slowly, to the Runestone. Hector lends me his arm to support me on the walk. We arrive. Hector sings, followed by others: Dolan and others I don’t know. Rhodri performs “The Wanderer.” Master Andrixos speaks words of praise: This is a dream, but the friendships and impacts are real. Huguin speaks. A mug is passed around and we all drink as the ashes and soil from Hastings are laid in a hole dun in front of the Runestone. Then the circle breaks and most of the group returns to Calontir to hold the wake for their friend.

Yeah, Pennsic moment.

[Editor’s note: I have since been informed that it was not, in fact, Dolan at the Runestone, since Dolan wasn’t at Pennsic this year. I have absolutely no idea who it was. If you know, please get in touch with me.]

Since I was right across the street from Enchanted Ground at this point, I went over and borrowed Cariadoc’s cloak. (I had left mine in camp in my haste to join up with Hector.) The skill level in the circle varied. Some storytellers were masterful, one or two really shouldn’t have been performing. But on the whole, I enjoyed myself. I did “Clash of Three Armies” and “The Unhappy King” early in the evening when the circle was small, and neither got much of a response. Later, when the circle was much larger, I attmepted “Five Storytellers and One Story,” and it was (surprisingly) a hit. [Editor’s note: These latter two are not online yet. I’ll post them soon.] People were laughing and chanting along with the repetitive, formulaic bits. Which is good, ’cause it was pretty much a one-time-only story that I’ll never perform again, most likely. It was written for a specific occasion and served its purpose well.

Toki walked me most of the way back to camp, and that was pretty much the end of my night.

Foot update: the Benadryl has done more-or-less all it can do, I think. The swelling is essentially gone, and the only thing left is a lot of bruising on and around the toe. I can walk at almost-normal speed without pain, and this makes me very happy indeed.

On the downside, I sat down on my Pennsic medallion this morning and it ripped a hole in my tunic. Which means both my green tunics now have holes in them.

So. Plans for today. There are a lot of interesting-looking classes, most importantly Morgana’s storytelling tips at 2:00 and Adelaide’s period filk class at 3:00. Cerian’s having his concert at 8:00, and at 5:00 there’s the “Court of Love” in Bhakail that seems interesting. Also, since I’m now mobile again, I’m going to try to see people I haven’t seen for the last three days.

And that’s that. Time to get a move on.

before dinner — Marauders

It’s been a busy day, now that I’m mobile again. (Yay!) Started off with fabric-shopping with John. Got two yards each of burgundy wool, orange-and-green herringbone linen (surprisingly works with my green tunics), and blue checked linen. All will be very good for overtunics or apron dresses. Speaking of apron dresses, I came back to camp this afternoon only to discover that John had bought me a pair of turtle broaches I had been admiring, along with some metal dangly things to hang necklaces off of. John’s so awesome.

But now dinner is being served.

after dinner — Marauders

After shopping and lunch, I stopped by Dione Sidhe to say hi to Katrusha on my way to Morgana’s storytelling tips class. I was tickled when she mentioned me as one of the “experienced storytellers,” along with Guernin and Yaakov. It was a good class, albeit mostly made up of beginners, and ended with a long discussion of how to deal with hecklers.

I had originally intended to go to Adelaide’s class on period filk but wasn’t really in the mood when 3:00 rolled around. Instead I went back to Dione Sidhe and kidnapped Katrusha to go to Your Inner Vagabond. On the way, we stopped by camp for John to tell her the story of Hrothgar and the snoring pilgrim. This was, in fact, a quest that her Laurel (William) had asked her to fulfill, and it led to a long digression of Hrothgar stories.

Eventually we made our way over to Your Inner Vagabond, stopping occasionally so I could introduce Katrusha to people. We stayed at Your Inner Vagabond for a while, her sewing, me embroidering, catching up. It was lovely. On the way back, I introduced Katrusha to Erwillian and sang a few sons for the Oakwode Hall group.

And then I walked Katrusha back to Dione Sidhe (picking up Grim along the way), performed the Rubber Ducky song, and came back to camp for dinner.

I forgot to mention that Rua gave me an absolutely wonderful foot massage this morning. Thanks, Rua! [Editor’s note: Rua is a licensed therapeutic massage therapist. She gives good massages.] Speaking of my foot, I’ve been walking on it all day and it’s holding stable. Yay!

It looks like it will rain pretty severely tonight. There’s a storm coming through that apparently knocked out power in Indiana. At least I’ve got my new cloak.

I’m going to try to get down to the Casa tomorrow morning, since I’m pretty much booked solid after 2:00, when the song swap starts. It ends at dinnertime, then is dinner at Flamingo Bluff, then the Heather concert. And then it’s 9 o’clock or so and Midnight Madness. So the plan is to get to the Casa in the late morning.

For tonight, the plan is Cerian’s concert at 8:00 and then the jam session at Harpwood Hall. And that’ll be enough, I think.

Also tomorrow, I should buy and send postcards.

night — Marauders

You know you’re in McGuire’s Marauders when you see a man sewing a doublet… on a sewing machine… by gaslight.

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